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When you submit either your initial registration to us, or an order, you are explicitly agreeing to our Terms and Conditions. You will be asked to agree to our privacy policy concerning the information that you will have\have provided to us.


The Definitions are as follows:
  • Order – an order given to us by you for processing
  • You – the client using the website
  • Revision – a completed order which has been resubmitted for changes to be made to it
  • Preferred writer – a writer who has worked with you before, and who you are willing to pay extra money for in the future
  • Custom paper – a Word document written from scratch as an order for the client
Order Instructions

When you have paid for your order, the site has the right to deny any changes made to your existing instructions. The site needs to follow the original order instructions, but no more than that.

Revision: Any client has the right to request a revision for up to thirty days after they receive their original order from the site. If there is enough evidence to show that the paper was not written to the specifications which were originally given in the order information, then the client also has the right to a free rewrite. Any and all revision requests must follow the original order instructions, and if they don’t, the site, and the writer can refuse to carry out the revision.

Refunds: If the client wishes to ask for a refund, they have to contact the site within three days of getting their completed work. Refunds cannot be requested from the writer – it has to come to the site staff directly through one of the methods of communication available. There is a very definite time limit to when we will allow refunds, and if the refund request does not come through the appropriate channels, then we reserve the right to keep both the money and the paper we have written.

Custom Made Paper: Each and every paper has been created from scratch unless otherwise specified. All custom work is an example of custom writing, but the actual use of them all is up to the individual client.

Confidentiality: We keep information private, but we do share it with third party providers who will make it easier for us to communicate with clients and improve their experience with the site. The data we collect can only be used in conjunction with the orders that have been placed on the site. If the client sees fit to provide us with log-in information in order to help with an essay, we will make sure to refuse it, and also to avoid passing this information on to anyone else. The only data we use and collect is data which is freely available from other sources.

The custom writing, which the site creates, qualifies as intellectual property. Both customer and website own this intellectual property, but the customer has full rights to the work for three months, after which it reverts solely to the company in question.

Service Outages:

A service outage on our side might lead to a failure to fulfill our stated duties, and in this case we assume full responsibility for what happened, and its consequences. If, on the other hand, a service outage on the side of the client occurs, we will not take any responsibility for the delays this may cause.

Preferred Writer:

Preferred writers can be engaged with the use of some extra funds to tempt them into accepting more orders from the same client. These extra funds are included in the price that is offered to the preferred writer, but if the work is taken by another writer, then the money is put into an account for use by the client at a later date.

User Data Collection and Usage:

We collect your information, including but not limited to:

  • E-mail
  • Telephone number
  • User Name
  • Payer Name
  • Billing address
  • IP address
  • Cookies

For full information on how we use client information, visit our privacy policy page. The information we gather is sometimes used to provide our clients with details of promotions and other updates. It is only used for such purposes by our website.

We connect you with a freelance specialist (preferred writer or writer) who will work on your tasks and orders. You should not share any personal information with the freelance specialist (preferred writer or writer), if you share your personal information with a freelance specialist (preferred writer or writer) through an order or order messaging system then you take full responsibility for any misuse of such information.