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  • Katsushika Housai's Profile
    Description: People across all the global cultures know or have heard about The Great Wave off Kanagawa, they know very little about the artist behind such works. The creator of the globally famous ‘Wave of Kanagawa' is none other than Katsushika Hokusai. He is known to create about thirty thousand pieces of artwork. However, his art career was faced by much friction from the Japanese government during a time when exports and import had been completely blocked (Lane, 1999). Japan had closed its borders; there was no entry nor exit from the country until 1850 when the borders were opened. The opening of borders allowed Europeans to access highly valued Japanese art.
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  • The project quality management plan
    Description: Project Quality Management plan ensures that the quality of the project is not compromised. It helps in the setting of strategies and guidelines that check the quality of the project throughout its lifespan to ensure that there is no deviation that can lead to decrease in the quality of the project because it can result to low performance. The purpose of the QMP is to ensure that the requirements of the project are fulfilled.
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  • Ethical Issues in #MeToo Movement
    Description: Sexual assault is a sensitive issue that cuts across all ages and gender. It is legally and morally wrong in most societies around the globe. The victims are scared to report after being assaulted because they are unsure of how the response would be, at times, reporting might lead to consequences which are worse than the assault itself. Sexual harassment is common among women and teens because they are defenseless. Luckily, #MeToo was developed to help the victims who have always kept quiet after being mistreated. However, a few individuals have made it an opportunity to harass innocent men for mistakes they never committed.
    2 pages | 672 words | 3 sources | MLA | Ethics | Term Paper |
  • Northeast Florida Local Emergency Planning Committee
    Description: Northeast Florida LEPC is a community in Florida which is concerned with enlightening the public about the wastes and hazardous materials. It was formed in 1986 by the US Congress and comprises of eleven counties. The community is responsible in offering public education and training its staff members on the dangers of hazardous materials. The community is responsible in controlling the rate of disposal of hazardous materials to prevent environmental pollution which might endanger the community. Northeast LEPC is responsible for keeping data about such materials in the CAMEO database which analyzes such information to provide precise information on the method and procedure of disposing such chemicals. The community also, funds some of its environmental conservation using the fee levied from the companies which handle hazardous chemicals. Alongside funding, the community is responsible for making decisions and policies which prevent the release of hazardous chemical to the environment.
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  • What are the advantages of electric cars over gasoline cars?
    Description: With the rise in the need to conserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gases emissions their glass has been an increase in the number of electric cars. The increase in the number of the electric cars in the most parts of the world has been increasing due to their effectiveness, automation, and their ability to cover a long distance within a very short period. Electric cars are the new generation of cars based on the source of power. However, the primary reason which has contributed to the increase in the demand for electric cars is the need to use a clean source of energy to prevent climatic change that might be caused by increased emission of carbon dioxide. They are gradually replacing the gasoline cars. Most of the electric cars use a renewable source of energy to provide power which makes such cars crisscross long distance faster due to their high-speed strength.
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  • Educational Reforms in US Since 1983 to 2007
    Description: According to A Nation at Risk Reform, American education is at risk due to mediocrity. Students in primary and high school are performing poorly while there are high risks of illiteracy among adults in the US. According to the report given by the National Commission on Excellence in Education argued that the schools and society seem to have lost grip of the purpose of education in the state. The risk is about to create a national crisis in the future (1983).
    2 pages | 750 words | 4 sources | APA | Education | Coursework |
  • The Battle of Algiers Versus The Israeli Dervish
    Description: Movies are a true reflection of societal occurrences which happened or are yet to happen in future. Some of them cover historical or daily activities in an attempt to develop human experience realm in issues such as love, life, war, politics, culture, religion, business, and other issues. The film The Battle of Algiers by Gillo Pontecorvo is a historical movie released in 1966, and it covers the journey of Algerian freedom fighters. In the second movie, The Israeli Dervish is another historical movie that covers the Arabic Spring, Religion, and other political issues. The two films reflect the human experience realm in politics, colonialism, war, religion, and culture.
    3 pages | 918 words | 4 sources | APA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Book/Movie Review |
  • A Response to Kitchen Fixture
    Description: The speaker, in the Kitchen Fixture, tells of a story while he was at work in a hotel. From the start, the author seems to derive pleasure when serving his customers. His satisfaction comes from his diligence in sending good food to those who have ordered it without hesitation (219). The joy of the in customer service delivery makes his nights and those of colleagues to move very quickly. Night shifts seem to take less time than they take. His expertise enables him to interact with managers' instructions while at the same time being busy serving the customers. The familiarity ion the work environment and product knowledge make him serve customers quickly with the dishes they order because he already knows how every food looks like even before preparing or serving it. Cooking and serving customers is the only meaningful activity that can make him take a break from writing.
    3 pages | 933 words | 2 sources | MLA | Literature | Creative Writing |
  • Analogue Synthesis in Music Production
    Description: Music production has a long history since the 1960s. Analog music synthesis has evolved greatly over time to become what it is today. The climax of its sound synthesis emerged around the late 1970s when electrical music became so elaborate. Analog audio devices are used to process music signal to create a warm sound or virtual analog stereo. It became popular due to the excellent sound produced through the subtractive synthesis process. It eliminates unwanted overtones in an audio signal using voltage variation. The technique was used in music production before the entry of computers and micro-computers.
    2 pages | 663 words | 2 sources | MLA | Music | Creative Writing |
  • Strategic Marketing Plan for Warid Telecom
    Description: Warid Telecom is a private telecommunication company based in the United Arab Emirates with its headquarters in Abu Dhabi. The company’s main products include GSM/Edge, WiMAX, GPRS, Telephony, UMTS, and LTE communication technology services. Warid Telecom operates in seven countries including the UAE, Congo, Uganda, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Georgia. The company has obtained business licenses in the said countries to build it's financial, capital, and market base by spreading its footprint in the mentioned regions. Warid’s strategic marketing plan is meant to market the company’s latest product.
    5 pages | 1519 words | 6 sources | APA | Marketing | Business Plan |
  • Internet Addiction Disorder Crisis
    Description: Ladies and Gentlemen, addiction disorders have become so prevalent in today’s society. The world has changed so much, and such changes have come along with positive and negative implications. For example, technological advancement has seen great invention and introduction of computers, internet, and other related technological facilities that have revolutionized the way people conduct businesses socialize through social networks, and learn in formal or informal institutions. Internet and computers have become an important part of human life in contemporary society to the extent that people spend most of their time online. The problem with it is that it results in addiction which affects the victims severely.
    4 pages | 1 words | 1032 sources | APA | IT, Web | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The portrayal of Prostitution in the Night Women
    Description: Prostitution has been alleged to a married of causes in modern society. Some people argue that it is caused by a lack of morals, drug abuse, bad company, while others say it is as a result of poverty. Though it cuts across the two genders, the term is used to describe women who engage in such behaviors. There are two types of prostitution whereby in the first one no monetary transaction is involved while in the second one alongside sexual pleasure, monetary appreciation is required. Women, especially those who experience economic depressions are susceptible to engaging in prostitution for survival. Halpern, in the short story Night Woman develops the theme of prostitution and how it affects women, men, and children.
    2 pages | 706 words | 1 sources | MLA | Literature | Book/Movie Review |
  • A Response to Liberty Leading People Image and Discussion
    Description: Portraits, painting, sculptures, and other forms of images are worth a thousand words. They are comprehensive, detailed, emotive, and the most essential of all- communicative. A picture summarizes an event and action that can be summarized in more than fifty pages of a text. They are important art of preserving memories, history, and moments most conveniently and compactly. Consequently, ancient images by oil painters document the history of the concerned cultures and the events captured in such pictures. The oil painting named Liberty Leading the People painted in 1830 by Eugène Delacroix captures a war incident during the French Revolution during the 1800s.
    1 pages | 367 words | 1 sources | APA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Creative Writing |
  • Veterinary Office Management Research Project
    Description: Technology has revolutionized medical care in the delivery of services and management. Hospitals, clinics, and veterinary centers have adopted the use of computers in the provision of medical services and management of internal operations. In the current world, workers in both the hospital and veterinary clinics are now required to familiarize themselves with Using computers, upgrading systems, receptionists, doctors, managers, accountants, and other members of staff to familiarize themselves with computer applications and use to ensure that they are able to work in the contemporary veterinary clinics. When animals get sick or injured, they can receive high-quality medical attention. The
    7 pages | 1986 words | 4 sources | APA | Agriculture | Research Paper |
  • An Outline of Keynesian and Neoclassical Economics Views
    Description: In the last century, there has been a lot of economic crises which were caused by politics that were shaped by the first and second world wars. Also, it marked the period in which industries were established in many places within America. It necessitated the existence of critical thinkers to create theories in labor, business, and productivity to shape the global economy. Economists such as Adam Smith, Carl Marx, and Keynes tackled critical economic issues in the world. Keynes focused on the role of government expenditure on the welfare of the economy. Neoclassical economists such as Carl Marx and Adam Smith concentrated on the production methods and their implications on the economy. Economic theories were developed to solve economic slumps witnessed at the time. Keynes and neoclassical economics share some arguments but differ in others regarding the recovery of the US economy after the great recession.
    7 pages | 2017 words | 6 sources | APA | Economics | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Impact of Government Policies on Alibaba Group
    Description: Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese Tech company that dominates online mobile shopping and e-commerce market. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and his allies. The company serves businesses through Business to Business (B2B) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) services through online webs, portals, electronic payments, online shopping stores, cloud computing, and other miscellaneous sales services. It operates through multiple mergers, and ventures to provide a diverse array of consumer electronics, internet services, technology, software, and other products. It is a multi-billion and the world’s largest e-commerce business alongside Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The company’s revenue, market, brand value, and capital has been proliferating since 2015. Its success has, however, been affected by the participation of the Chines government through the creation of trade policies, which led to both negative and positive implications.
    4 pages | 1185 words | 4 sources | APA | Economics | Term Paper |
  • An Outline of Keynes and Neoclassical Economics Views
    Description: In the last century, there has been a lot of economic crises which were caused by politics that were shaped by the first and second world wars. Also, it marked the period in which industries were established in many places within America. It necessitated the existence of critical thinkers to create theories in labor, business, and productivity to shape the global economy. Economists such as Adam Smith, Carl Marx, and Keynes tackled critical economic issues in the world. Keynes focused on the role of government expenditure on the welfare of the economy. Neoclassical economists such as Carl Marx and Adam Smith concentrated on the production methods and their implications on the economy. Economic theories were developed to solve economic slumps witnessed at the time. Keynes and neoclassical economics share some arguments but differ in others regarding the recovery of the US economy after the great recession.
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  • Communication Tact and Strategies
    Description: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to speak about how to speak my, or for that matter your, mind tactfully. Rhetorical experts say that speaking tactfully is not as easy as speaking ones’ mind. In simpler words, it is easy to have something to say but how to say it is the most important and challenging thing. Tactful speaking is critical because it gives a person some guideline to say what he or she wants to say without offending another person, people, or embarrassing or putting oneself into trouble. Therefore, diplomatic communication is enhanced by good timing, thinking preceded by speaking, appropriate body language, the right choice of words, and emotional control.
    2 pages | 406 words | 1 sources | MLA | Communications | Article Review |
  • Personal Account on Multitasking
    Description: According to Spink, Cole, & Waller (2008), multitasking behavior in human beings is cognitive theoretical concepts that explain the capability of people to engage in a variety of activities simultaneously. It is a function of brain and memory which help coordinate such activities. Interestingly, the evolution in technology has increased the ability of people to multitask. Communication processes and devices both at home and workplaces has contributed to multitasking behavior. Digital devices such as laptops, tablets, computers, mobile phones, and desktops have increased the multitasking capability in the current generation.
    2 pages | 419 words | 1 sources | APA | Technology | Article Review |
  • Currency Value Differences, Profitability, and Forex Stabilization
    Description: Globalization has both positive and negative effects on businesses. The impact of business globalization is experienced in the area of currency value because various countries or economic blocs have different units of currency. Changes in the value of a country's currency in the forex market can be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on the nature of the business or political context. In this case, if we assume $1 is equivalent to €0.7809 in U.S and €0.7793 in France, it can benefit some forex traders. However, as much as the currency value of Euro is higher than the value of U.S dollar has a positive impact on some businesses it has some disadvantages on the other side that has to be remedied.
    2 pages | 609 words | 4 sources | APA | Business Studies | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Female Latin Social Status Dilemmas
    Description: In Latin America, Hispanic women find themselves stuck in cultural and empowerment dilemmas. The post-colonial society is focused on empowering women to get a good career, earn money, and become independent. According to Bejarano, Sylvia, and Celestine, the vast gender gap in Latin America, where women are perceived as housewives justifies the ensuing socioeconomic status (522). Cultural and political dilemmas face women empowerment, thereby stagnating their status regardless of the call for gender balance.
    1 pages | 346 words | 3 sources | MLA | Sociology | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Ways to Promote Equality and Diversity in Education
    Description: An effective education system should embrace diversity and equality to accommodate differences and equal access to education opportunities. According to The University of Edinburgh (2016), diversity refers to recognizing, respecting, tolerating, and appreciating people regardless of differences in religion, culture, gender, size, and disability whereas equality ensures that such groups are treated equally and fairly. Access to educational resources and opportunities should embrace equality and diversity through inclusion, multiculturalism, and appreciating of individual differences. As such, a variety of ways of promoting equality and diversity should be used to improve the access and quality of education by accepting differences among people.
    2 pages | 601 words | 4 sources | Harvard | Education | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The Link between Personality and Prejudice
    Description: Some people are more susceptible to prejudices than others, depending on their personality traits. Such prejudices can be explained through personality psychology and social psychology. Theoretically, some Ekehammar & Akrami (2003), argue that there is a considerable connection between personality and prejudices. They conducted research to measure the link between the Big Five Personality and prejudices using the NEO-PI. The scores of the NEO-PI tool used involved seven scales of prejudices such as sexism, racism, prejudice, and so on. The correlation of the data analysis confirmed that there was a relationship between agreeableness and openness to reality.
    3 pages | 900 words | 1 sources | MLA | Psychology | Essay(Any Type) |
  • How Urbanization Affects the Global Food Crisis
    Description: Urbanization is loosely defined as the growth and the spread of urban centers. Globally, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of urban centers; in which, at least every city or town is expanding rapidly to accommodate the increase in a number of people. Therefore, the urban sprawl is not likely to stop soon, considering that the birth rate is generally higher than the death rate. If the world's population continues to rise at this rate, people will have to put a limit on the available resources which can barely satisfy human needs now. It is estimated that the areas covered by the cities would triple in the next four decades. This is alarming, considering that there are current issues with food security today. Such a rise and spread of urban centers are scientifically unstainable. Regarding such information, the essay will focus on the critical reasons why urbanization is deemed as a significant trigger to the ongoing food crisis in the world.
    8 pages | 2535 words | 10 sources | MLA | Agriculture | Research Paper |
  • The Revolutionary Constitution
    Description: Republic system of governance was chosen in America to create a representative leadership. The founders of democracy in the U.S have struggled since 1905 to create a republic system of governance. Bodenhamer says that the founders of democracy chose a republic system of leadership to create a system whereby all the followers in a state have a say in the administration. The republic system of governance is another version of the enchanted American Dream. According to the suppositions of Napoleon, who was a French populist leader, democracy has several shortcomings which lead to the development of the socio-economic status quo in society.
    2 pages | 607 words | 1 sources | MLA | Political Science | Essay(Any Type) |