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We are glad that you are working with us. What is below is an explanation of how we collect and handle any and all information that we get through our website.

Our worldwide business is known as Writing and Editing Services, and we are dedicated to ensuring that any and all information we gather while carrying out our services is kept and used safely according to the privacy laws in the various countries we operate in, and dedicated to respecting people’s privacy.

Anybody who is in the European Union, and interested in using our services should note that we have a data protection officer who is specifically there to answer any and all questions which people might have about the privacy policy and other subjects related to it. If anybody from the EU has any questions about the policy. Your Data

We collect and use a variety of information under our work as a writing and editing service. This information is used both to operate our own services, and to make them better for our customers to use. Anybody who accepts our terms of service also accepts the privacy policy, and our methods in using and storing the information we gather. We gather the following information:

  • E-mail,
  • Telephone number,
  • User Name,
  • Payer Name,
  • Payer Legal Name,
  • Billing address,
  • IP addresses,
  • Cookies,
  • Your orders and contents that are assigned to your orders,
  • And more.

We gather this information through a variety of means: when you visit the site, when you fill out forms on the site (perhaps to be made aware of deals and promotions in the future), by using the site and the associated services, and by getting in touch with us via your preferred method of communication. The data we use for this purpose will henceforth be described as your data, your personal data, or your personal information.

We gather your personal information when you first sign up and log in to the site, when you subscribe to us, look through the site for our work, enter a survey, or when you communicate with us to talk about a problem. The data you give us can include name, address, email, PayPal information, credit card information, order information (including anything you have shared with us there), and all your messages.

We also gather and store all technical data related to your order as well, including your IP address from whichever device you use to contact or use the site, your log in data, any and all web pages that you have visited immediately before coming to our site, what browser you use, which version of it you use, your time zone, the settings you have on your browser, your plug-ins, the operating system you use, and the platforms which are on the various devices you use to access the site.

How we use your data

Your personal information is stored by the site and transmitted to both internal staff and various third party sites as needed to allow us to create a site and service which will appeal to our customers and visitors, and which will be easy to understand and use on a regular basis.

The data we save and store for your personal data is also used to improve our services regularly. The data we use for this is taken from all three of the basic groups of data we save, including usage, technical and informational (data on how you use the service itself).

  • Cookies and Other Technologies – the site uses cookies and similar technology as a means to protect and promote our services, as well as gather information from our customers and visitors. Cookies specifically help with your information by helping us to remember basic things about your visit, so that we can make things easier for you on your next visit.
  • Marketing – your personal information will also be used as a means of getting marketing of various sorts to you. You can at any time opt out of marketing communications by clicking unsubscribe in any and all email communications sent to you. This only applies to existing customers, or to people who sign up to hear about promotions and new services. The site will contact people through electronic means only.

Sharing your data

All the information we gather and store is kept safe, and we would never share with any outside organization which might seek to contact our customers without authorization from either us, or them. We do use third party sites for a variety of reasons, all of which are to do with either improving the site or improving people’s experience of it. Your data will be sent out to third party sites to help with payments, to help with log ins and make them easier, and to expand on the methods of communication we can enjoy – for example, we might give your phone number to an outside service so as to be able to send and receive text messages.

Protecting your data

Data protection is vitally important to us at the website, and we will take great pains to make sure that your information is safe. We always have people working specifically to keep the data safe – they do this by testing for any vulnerabilities which might exist, and then plugging them. The data we hold is the data we have a legal right to – our site and the people working on it work to make sure that the data stays legal, and that we have the right to hold it.

Before we send your data to any third party sites which might use it for the purposes of improving the site or your experience of using the site, we ensure that the transfer is needed, and that it is legal. We may also seek your consent to the move before we carry it out.

Your personal information will only be held by us for as long as it is necessary. Once you have left our services, or you have indicated a change in the information we hold, the information will be deleted. We only use and keep information which will be immediately useful for our work.

Your rights – individuals in the European Union

If you, or anybody who uses our site and services is a resident of the European Union, then you have full legal rights towards any and all information we keep. This includes the right to access, correct, or delete any of your personal information. To do this, or if you have any queries, please contact us at Your rights include the following:

  • Access – when requested, we provide a full dossier of any and all information we have on the person who is asking. Within thirty days of being asked, we will provide the data we hold on you in a clear and coherent manner, in whatever format is appropriate or asked for.
  • Corrections – anybody who has information kept and stored by the site has the right to ask for corrections to be made to it at any time. This applies to both inaccurate and incomplete information. When somebody makes a query about changing their information, we will pass the change requests on to any third party sites which might have this information, with the expectation that it will be changed. Please note, however, that we do not have the ability to make sure that they have indeed changed their information.
  • Erasures – you have the right to ask us to erase your data at any time. You should note that this will happen automatically the moment the data is no longer needed, such as when you leave the site, but you can ask for data to be removed at any time. This extends to third party sites – if we have given any of your information to a third party site, then we will contact them with your request. Note that we cannot ensure that they will erase your data, and that we reserve the right to not notify certain sites if the time involved would be too much.
  • Restrictions – we only work with your data when we have a legal right to, and you can make restrictions on the use of your personal data at any point. You can ask for the data to be suspended or restricted in the following situations:
  • You challenge the accuracy of the personal data;
  • The processing is unlawful, but you do not want us to erase it;
  • We no longer need the personal data for the purposes of the processing, but you want us to hold it as you need it to establish, exercise, or defend legal claims;
  • You have objected to our use of your data, but we need to verify whether we have legitimate grounds to use it.

If your data are in the hands of any third party sites, we will pass along the information that you wish for your data to be restricted. This may not always be possible to do, but when it is, our site will work to make your wishes known. Please note that while our site will pass on notice of the data restrictions, we have no way of enforcing them or making sure that they will follow the strictures.

  • Withdrawal of consent – we, and other sites like us, cannot use any data without your consent. Should you withdraw your consent, we will immediately cease using the data we have collected, and send your wishes to any third party sites who have your data currently. The withdrawal of consent does not work retroactively – anything we used your data for before will still use it, and still be in effect. Please note that withdrawal of consent may mean that some of our services are barred to you, since they would require the use of certain information. We will let you know if this is the case before you withdraw your consent fully, however.

Your rights - individuals outside the European Union

Accessing Account Information.

For anyone living outside of the European Union, we will give them an easy way of seeing if any and all information gathered on them is correct. People who want to see this information should contact the support attendant for our service.

Record of Data Transfer

Our website gives our customers the right to request records of who and where gets your data, along with a record of when they got it, and possibly how they will use it. This also covers any data which has been used for the purposes of sales and marketing. If you make this request, you will receive a document of the way your data have been used for the previous year. The site may also send you word of how to keep third party sites from gaining your data, if that is requested. If you want to make a record of the data transfer request, send an email in to with the subject line ‘personal information privacy request’, and including the details of your name, address, and email.

California Online Privacy Protection Act.

The California Online Privacy Protecting Act and the California Business and Professions Code require all privacy policies, including ours, to identify what is and is not personally identifiable information in the data we gather. This data is confirmed as the data gathered from people who either visit or use our website, while the third party sites are those which use and share said information.

Where we store and transfer your data

The data we hold is stored in the European Union, the United States of America, and Canada. Our customers come from all over the world, but for safety we store and transmit data only in these areas.

People who live within the EU should be aware that their data will be shared throughout the company, which can mean that data will be transferred outside the EU. Your data will also be shared with third party services and sites which help us to create and improve the services we offer on a daily basis. Whenever your data need to be transferred, we will ensure that it is still protected in one of two ways:

  • Transferring data on to a third party site, we will transfer it solely to countries which have a similar level of data protection as the EU does,
  • We have access to contracts which can afford the data we send to third party sites the same protection it would enjoy in the EU.

Changes to our Company

If the site is involved in any kind of merger, take-over, or sale, then the information we have gathered might be part of the deal. If that is the case, we will notify our clients and visitors via email, and give them an idea of what their options are.

When we revise the privacy policy, it will be posted on the website. If any changes directly affect our clients, they will be notified.