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  • Business as Al-Amanah and the Responsibilities of Islamic Business Managers
    Description: Islam is a comprehensive guideline that encompasses all aspects of human existence and serves as a guide for all human actions, including economic and business activity. In Islam, the concept of business entails the concept of income, earnings, and material possessions, all of which are God's property, and humans are only His trustees.
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  • Ethical Issues in #MeToo Movement
    Description: Sexual assault is a sensitive issue that cuts across all ages and gender. It is legally and morally wrong in most societies around the globe. The victims are scared to report after being assaulted because they are unsure of how the response would be, at times, reporting might lead to consequences which are worse than the assault itself. Sexual harassment is common among women and teens because they are defenseless. Luckily, #MeToo was developed to help the victims who have always kept quiet after being mistreated. However, a few individuals have made it an opportunity to harass innocent men for mistakes they never committed.
    2 pages | 672 words | 3 sources | MLA | Ethics | Term Paper |
  • Impact of Government Policies on Alibaba Group
    Description: Alibaba Group Holding Limited is a Chinese Tech company that dominates online mobile shopping and e-commerce market. It was founded in 1999 by Jack Ma and his allies. The company serves businesses through Business to Business (B2B) and Consumer to Consumer (C2C) services through online webs, portals, electronic payments, online shopping stores, cloud computing, and other miscellaneous sales services. It operates through multiple mergers, and ventures to provide a diverse array of consumer electronics, internet services, technology, software, and other products. It is a multi-billion and the world’s largest e-commerce business alongside Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. The company’s revenue, market, brand value, and capital has been proliferating since 2015. Its success has, however, been affected by the participation of the Chines government through the creation of trade policies, which led to both negative and positive implications.
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  • Moral Compass in Business Management
    Description: Moral compass refers to the capability of a person to make correct judgments about what is right or wrong depending on the guiding principles of morality. In business, leaders are supposed to develop a moral compass that defines who they are, their values, moral beliefs, and culture (Thomson, 2010). Cultural relativism is my Wisdom Tradition, which shapes my actions, beliefs, and values as a leader. It forms the basis of my moral compass. Moral truth is the value that I consider important in this model of wisdom.
    4 pages | 1207 words | 2 sources | APA | Management | Term Paper |
  • Self-Assessment as a future Marketer
    Description: Like everyone else, I have career dreams. As a brilliant student pursuing sales and marketing course in a prestigious university, I am looking forward to building my marketing career. After graduation, that is, three years from now, perceive myself as a proficient digital marketing manager in a competitive company. According to Tiago, & Verissimo (2014), increase in the social media and internet usage has transformed marketing career because modern marketers are expected to have digital marketing skills to survive in the highly competitive corporate world. Having that in mind, I am striving to sharpen my digital marketing skills while at the same time focusing on the expertise offered by the traditional sales and marketing course.
    5 pages | 1572 words | 3 sources | MLA | Marketing | Term Paper |
  • CAT and PET Imaging Methods
    Description: It is another scan that can be used alongside CT for treating cancer. It is an imaging technology whereby the doctor diagnoses an exact place where the cancer cells or infection is located. It scans the organs and tissues in the body to identify the right place for biopsy, cancer treatment progress, and plan for radiotherapy (Cancer. Net Editorial Board, 2018). Unlike the CAT scan, which shows images of tissues and organs within the body, a PET scan can show abnormal activities with tissues. In most cases, CT and PET are used together to provide a detailed diagnosis.
    5 pages | 1388 words | 3 sources | APA | Healthcare | Term Paper |
  • Deming-Based Lean Six Sigma Management
    Description: After reading the article by Gitlow & Gitlow, (2013), compares Deming-based lean six sigma management and the objective oriented management in an attempt to solve the problem of increasing hospital bills in a majority of urban hospitals. The traditional management is based on Deming process variation, which works better when focused on the right direction. It is good because it produces more revenue than the target costs. However, the process is harmful if it does not focus on the desired direction. Such would bring less income and more target costs. The critics argue that such notions are not valid since such processes are not effective when it comes to reducing high hospital bills. The second approach used in decreasing operational costs is the management by objectives. It operates on improving the performance of healthcare officials as a strategy to increase revenue and lower costs.
    2 pages | 458 words | 3 sources | APA | Management | Term Paper |
  • Hospice Care for Patients With Advanced Cancer Illnesses
    Description: Hospice care is a type of treatment that aims at reducing pain for terminally ill patients who are waiting to die due to illness. Terminally ill patients may choose on their own or by a family caregiver to remain at home to be managed there or choose to be admitted to the hospice facility. A proper consultation with the registered nurse is however important for proper guidance on what needs to be done. This paper has reviewed the definitions of the hospice care, the environmental factors that cause the development of cancer, care for the terminally ill (advanced cancer patients), the specific intervention that is required to improve the relationships between the family caregivers and the patients as well as the support the family requires when caring for their terminally ill family member. The challenges faced by the family, spouses, or partners of the terminally ill patient have been covered and to some extent also the ways those problems can be dealt with. This paper will help you to understand terminally ill patients' care requirements and the challenges it is associated with.
    10 pages | 2984 words | 12 sources | APA | Nursing | Term Paper |
  • Issues in Bioterrorism
    Description: The 2001 anthrax attack that left 5 people dead and 17 others injured became one of the largest and most complex investigations by the FBI in the law enforcement history. The attack highly remained an accusation game from FBI as two major suspects (Steven Hatfill, a bioweapon expert and Bruce Edwards Ivins, a researcher in a states’ biodefense lab) were interrogated without really having enough evidence for their persecution (Liu, Moayeri & Leppla, 2014). The issue affected Bruce Edwards Ivins to a level of committing suicide by overdosing on Paracetamol months after he was put under FBI surveillance. This means he became the sixth person to die as a result of being linked to knowing the bioweapon as referred by the FBI though he was not ill from the disease.
    11 pages | 3300 words | 14 sources | APA | Criminal Justice | Term Paper |
  • Empowering and Disempowering Mental Models
    Description: A mental model is a tool that explains in what manner something works. It is a worldview, a framework, or a concept that one carries around in their mind (Gentner & Stevens, 2014). Mental Model enables us to understand the relationship between things and interpreting the world around us. Mental Models are used to help us to form our behaviors and perceptions. They are beliefs held about in what manner the universe works (Gary & Wood, 2011). They can be understood as the tools of thinking applied to make decisions, solve problems, and understand life (Gentner & Stevens, 2014). Mental models are not perfect but are useful in making us see the world differently. This paper recognizes finances as an area in my life that is not working as I want. It identifies some of the disempowering and empowering mental models that I have in my finances.
    5 pages | 1584 words | 12 sources | APA | Psychology | Term Paper |
  • Discussion about Texas v. Johnson
    Description: Texas V. Johnson is among the landmark cases that have transformed justice and court system in the United States. The occurrence of such cases is a historical milestone because they act as a source of legal reference in the future. They help the judges and attorneys give ruling to similar cases at hand. Johnson was set free even after setting ablaze the national flag of the US because he was protected by the First Amendment in the American constitution, which guarantees freedom of expression. It protected Johnson from being criminalized for expressing himself politically without causing physical injury to anyone or destroying property. In the protest, his actions were guided by the U.S constitutional provisions, but the Texas Court of Criminal Appeals wanted to victimize and criminalize him by robbing off his freedom of political expression. According to the First Amendment, the U.S constitution provides every citizen with freedom of expression regardless of the perceptions and feelings of the society towards the expressive action or speech.
    6 pages | 1537 words | 6 sources | MLA | Criminal Justice | Term Paper |
  • Analyzing D-J Composite Dispute; labor disputes and theories of strike
    Description: Unresolved labor disputes are more likely to cause conflicts or aggressive behavior that are expressed in form of strikes and riots. It is generally thought that labor disputes emerge mainly due to payment issues when employees and employers are unable to agree on a specific wage rate. Also, working conditions and job-related benefits also contribute so much in causation of strikes. However, there are several other factors that cause strikes other than the commonly known ones. Labor disputes are decided based on the existing labor laws which determine whose claims are eligible. Also, they examine if employer is justified to deny the employees have contravened any of the labor laws. Such laws usually help to settle scores that emerge during strikes as well as any negative reactions. D-J Composite Dispute is a perfect example that can be used to analyze theories of strike, causation of strike, resultant reactions, and labor laws.
    6 pages | 5 words | 1728 sources | APA | Economics | Term Paper |
  • Dominant Versus Multiple Business Orientation
    Description: There has been a heated debate regarding the appropriateness of dominant and multiple business orientation models in the corporate world. Dominant orientation is where a company chooses to specialize in one area or strategy, whereas in multiple orientations, a company ventures in as many as possible business operations. Dominant business orientation offers an organisation the opportunity to focus on the most promising opportunities and give their maximum attention to it. Unfortunately, this model is less effective because, in case of changes in the environment, the business is likely to suffer more due to a lack of alternatives. Multiple business orientation is essential because the company can explore a variety of opportunities and approaches. In case of a change in one area, the company can capitalize on other fields of operation. However, some critiques claim that managing multiple operations is quite challenging. All in all, multiple business orientation seems to be more effective than a dominant business orientation. Thus, businesses should focus on various endeavors as opposed to single ventures in their operations.
    10 pages | 2769 words | 12 sources | Harvard | Business Studies | Term Paper |
  • Challenges and Benefits of Organisation and Consumer Relationships
    Description: Organisations usually relate to their customers using a variety of strategies in an attempt to achieve some organisational goals. Most companies have ventured into relationship marketing to enable them to understand what the customer needs and how the product should be designed (Sarker et al., 2012). The relationship is geared towards the co-creation of value in the goods and services offered by a company. The adoption of value co-creation relationships by businesses has substantially significantly transformed several companies regardless of the costs involved.
    6 pages | 1634 words | 11 sources | APA | Business Studies | Term Paper |
  • Employee motivation;Taylorism, meangful & challenging work, designing people's roles, providing feedback
    Description: Employee motivation is an essential aspect that contributes to the success of an organization in terms of performance. Employee motivation should be made a routine to actualize the goal of reaching the set targets, motivation allows the management to achieve increased productivity and higher levels of outputs (Dobre 2013). Motivating employees also assist them to stay focused to their work and this avoids time wastage at the workplace, the employees become committed and satisfied in their dispensation of duty since they are made to feel as part of the organization through the motivation programs. Motivation will also assist the employees to improve their work efficiency through development brought about by their commitment to duty.
    4 pages | 1039 words | 6 sources | APA | Human Resource Management | Term Paper |
  • Types of Organizational Business Structures
    Description: Some familiar business entities include sole proprietorship, limited liability company (LLC), partnerships, and corporations. Entrepreneurs choose the type of business to start by carefully analyzing their proposed enterprise's structure to establish the management type, taxes to be paid, source of capital, the scope of business operations, liability, ownership, and expected personal income. As such, a careful analysis of the business structures ought to be done to determine the entity that suits one's proposed business enterprise.
    6 pages | 1537 words | 10 sources | APA | Business Studies | Term Paper |
  • Atlantic Shrimp Case, Equal Employment Opportunity and Discrimination
    Description: Human resource managers are tasked with ensuring that all employees are treated fairly during recruitment, selection, promotion, training, development, and remuneration within an organization. Failure to comply with such requirements might make the company run a risk of being sued against employment discrimination. For instance, among the 301 workers employed by Atlantic Shrimp, 100% are Caucasians, and 73% are between 23 and 31 years. Additionally, the company only hires cleaners who have a General Education Diploma (GED) or a high school diploma. As such, Atlantic Shrimp has discriminatory HR practices that should be solved to avoid adverse impact or disparate treatment that might lead to a legal pursuit in the future.
    7 pages | 1955 words | 10 sources | APA | Law | Term Paper |
  • United Overseas Bank Group’s Human Resource Practices
    Description: United Overseas Bank (UOB) Group is a prominent bank in the Pacific Region and Asia. Currently, UOB has 65 branches in Singapore, offering various services such as personal finance service, trust services, investment banking, private banking, corporate finance, general and life insurance. Its core objective is to leverage its management capacity to provide excellent customer service and high-quality products. Therefore, UOB has adopted an effective performance measurement model, recognition and reward strategies, and people-oriented organizational behavior and culture.
    2 pages | 648 words | 4 sources | APA | Human Resource Management | Term Paper |
  • Debra Ireland Situation Analysis
    Description: Debra Ireland is a non-profit company that helps children and families that have persons with epidermolysis bullosa (EB). It is a painful skin disorder that makes an individual's skin becomes extremely fragile to the extent that it can be injured by slight friction on the skin. The charitable organization was founded in 1988 by parents whose children had EB disease. Initially, the organization was established to provide peer support among the parents with kids who had been born with EB. Members of this organization discussed extensively regarding the best treatment plans. Since then, it has grown significantly to an organization with about €1.3 million annual revenue raised to support EB clinics such as St. James Hospital and Our Lady’s Hospital Crumlin (Irish Jobs, 2020). The money is used to pay salaries to all full-time doctors, nurses, and other personnel working in the EB clinics. Another portion of the money raised goes to fund medical research regarding the possible treatment of EB
    5 pages | 1342 words | 9 sources | APA | Management | Term Paper |
  • Ethical Demand and Ethical Approval During Covid-19 Pandemic
    Description: Organizations are compelled to make ethical decisions that govern their actions. Such decisions are influenced by ethical demands that require approval by self-or approval by society. The demand and approval amount to ethical experience, which shapes human beings' actions in various events. Critchley (2007) argued that ethical experience is the grammar of moral actions and insights. It starts when an individual experiences an ethical demand from the self or the socio-economic environment. Notably, ethical demands during the Covid-19 have not only influenced people's motivations and actions but has shaped their concept of their moral self-hood.
    4 pages | 1085 words | 4 sources | APA | Ethics | Term Paper |
  • Nuclear medicine
    Description: A subcategory of medical imaging, nuclear medicine makes use of radioactive materials known as radiotracers or radiopharmaceuticals, which are usually swallowed, inhaled, or injected into the bloodstream. The radiotracers move through the part of the body being examined and emit energy in the form of gamma rays, which are then sensed and detected by a special camera and transmitted to a computer to display images of the internal body organs (Love & Palestro, 2016). Through nuclear medicine techniques, physicians can visualize the anatomy and function of body tissues, organs, and systems, hence it allows for the diagnosis of various ailments.
    3 pages | 850 words | 4 sources | APA | Nursing | Term Paper |
  • Company Laws in Irish
    Description: The sample paper has three questions. The first question is "lifting the corporate veil" as relates to Companies Act 2014, in Irish corporate law. The second question is about insolvency and has two sections; the examinations process in Irish law and the duties of liquidators. Finally, the third question is "a director of an Irish company owes any duties pursuant to law."
    4 pages | 1250 words | APA | Business Studies | Term Paper |