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  • The study of framework for improving the crowd management in Hajj 2030
    Description: It is known as the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest oil exporter country in the world, and it has the primary role in shaping the price of oil worldwide (Aljarboua, 2009). Moreover, Saudi Arabia is the homeland of the world’s second-largest religion, where Saudi Arabia has two essential cities for all Muslims in the world where the population estimate about 1.9 billion Muslims in the global(Pew Research Center,2019). Makkah is the capital city of Islam because it has the Masjid al-Haram, or the Holy Ground Mosque, where there is Al Kaaba(a sizeable cubical building built by Abraham (Al-i-Imraan, Quran the Holy book of Islam).Makkah is the focal point toward(Qibla) AL Kaaba for all Muslims around the world who are required to perform daily prayers. The reason why most of the Muslim people travel to Saudi Arabia during the pilgrimage is to go to Makkah. It is also the place where Prophet Muhammad was born. Furthermore, another holy site in Islam is the Masjid an- Nabawi in Medina city, where pilgrimage has to attend during the month of Hajj, where they can visit the grave of Prophet Muhammad(Halabi, 2006).
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  • Research Paper Proposal Agreement; Nestle
    Description: Nestle is the world’s largest food and beverage company. Nestle was established in Switzerland and now has operations in more than 191 countries all over the world. It has more than 2000 brands to cater the global and local market need of certain products. Nestle product range includes a vast variety of products that are consumed by us in our day to day life and are termed as essential food items. Such as milk, milk powder, water, yoghurt, and much more.
    1 pages | 322 words | 2 sources | MLA | Marketing | Research Proposal |
  • Improving Employee Competencies and Capacity to Protect Vulnerable Women and Girls at Circuit Pointe
    Description: Circuit Pointe is a Nigerian-based Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that champions the right of disadvantaged women and girls in rural communities. The organization works in South-Eastern Nigeria, a region where sexual harassment, abuse, and exploitation are deeply rooted. The organization is locally governed, serving a rural county population base of less than 40,000 and since its establishment in 2015, the organization has supported about 6,085 women and girls in 38 communities who have undergone oppression, violent sexual experiences or have been victims of harmful traditional practices. Currently, the organization has 11 staff and 40 volunteers who interact with approximately 1,200 girls per year in its main support programs and an additional 2,000 touch points throughout the year with women through organizational and programming activities. Thus, Circuit Pointe works directly and indirectly with these women and girls who often live in conditions of extreme poverty and a culturally skewed environment; leaving them vulnerable with limited control of their wellbeing or day-to-day life choices and are therefore susceptible to abuse or exploitation.
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  • Industries and Businesses Adapting to Circular Economy
    Description: Pollution and waste have been critical issues in the world since the time immemorial. Scientists and environmentalists have strived to ensure that wastes are eliminated in the most efficient products from the environment to prevent risks such as global warming which can negatively impact business operations and survival of human beings. The natural environment is a critical enabler in promoting business sustainability and survival. As such, the circular economy model was invented in the 1970s to prevent environmental pollution and enable supply chain sustainability using the concepts of biological metabolism systems to design technical metabolism systems (Ellen Macarthur Foundation, 2020). Although a couple of firms and industries has adopted this model of the economy, there are legal, technical, organisational culture, factors which bar other companies from joining in the ecosystem of the circular economy.
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