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  • Mental Illness in Saudi Arabia
    Description: Depression and anxiety are the most prevalent mental disorders and are common among Saudi Arabian citizens. These disorders interfere with individuals' behavior and their relationships with others. People with mental illnesses often have identical symptoms such as poor concentration, forgetfulness and fatigue. Some chronic conditions such as diabetes influence the chances of people developing these disorders. Delays in treatment expose individuals to more severe outcomes. Depression and anxiety disorders are common in Saudi Arabia because people hardly go for checkups to diagnose any symptoms. Hesitation in medical treatment is mainly contributed by various barriers, including a lack of knowledge about the mental disorder symptoms.
    3 pages | 893 words | MLA | Healthcare | Research Paper |
  • Russia and Ukraine Conflict
    Description: Many people were surprised by this invasion, which was the first major conflict in Europe for a long time, and it surprised many people. Russia and Ukraine, on the other hand, have been wary of each other for a long time.
    6 pages | 1623 words | 6 sources | Not Applicable | History | Research Paper |
  • Medical Care Issues Resulting from Medicare Fraud
    Description: Fraud has been the most ‘stubborn’ social and economic crisis in multiple fields ranging from education, administration, policing, banking, and marketing. It has now spread into the medical field where there is dishonesty, greed, and underhand practices that lead to abuse of medical facilities by the patients, health professionals, institutions, or the government. The common forms of Medicare fraud include billing for medical services not offered, forging dates and locations of service, forging the name of the provider of services, over-charging patients, over-pricing medical services, false or over-priced prescription drugs, issuance of counterfeit drugs, and other forms of cheating. All forms of medical fraud should be prevented because they result in abuse and misuse of medical facilities which can lead to negative consequences on the patient, society, medical institution, or any other victim.
    12 pages | 3503 words | 5 sources | APA | Healthcare | Research Paper |
  • Northeast Florida Local Emergency Planning Committee
    Description: Northeast Florida LEPC is a community in Florida which is concerned with enlightening the public about the wastes and hazardous materials. It was formed in 1986 by the US Congress and comprises of eleven counties. The community is responsible in offering public education and training its staff members on the dangers of hazardous materials. The community is responsible in controlling the rate of disposal of hazardous materials to prevent environmental pollution which might endanger the community. Northeast LEPC is responsible for keeping data about such materials in the CAMEO database which analyzes such information to provide precise information on the method and procedure of disposing such chemicals. The community also, funds some of its environmental conservation using the fee levied from the companies which handle hazardous chemicals. Alongside funding, the community is responsible for making decisions and policies which prevent the release of hazardous chemical to the environment.
    5 pages | 1425 words | 4 sources | APA | Healthcare | Research Paper |
  • Veterinary Office Management Research Project
    Description: Technology has revolutionized medical care in the delivery of services and management. Hospitals, clinics, and veterinary centers have adopted the use of computers in the provision of medical services and management of internal operations. In the current world, workers in both the hospital and veterinary clinics are now required to familiarize themselves with Using computers, upgrading systems, receptionists, doctors, managers, accountants, and other members of staff to familiarize themselves with computer applications and use to ensure that they are able to work in the contemporary veterinary clinics. When animals get sick or injured, they can receive high-quality medical attention. The
    7 pages | 1986 words | 4 sources | APA | Agriculture | Research Paper |
  • How Urbanization Affects the Global Food Crisis
    Description: Urbanization is loosely defined as the growth and the spread of urban centers. Globally, there has been an unprecedented rise in the number of urban centers; in which, at least every city or town is expanding rapidly to accommodate the increase in a number of people. Therefore, the urban sprawl is not likely to stop soon, considering that the birth rate is generally higher than the death rate. If the world's population continues to rise at this rate, people will have to put a limit on the available resources which can barely satisfy human needs now. It is estimated that the areas covered by the cities would triple in the next four decades. This is alarming, considering that there are current issues with food security today. Such a rise and spread of urban centers are scientifically unstainable. Regarding such information, the essay will focus on the critical reasons why urbanization is deemed as a significant trigger to the ongoing food crisis in the world.
    8 pages | 2535 words | 10 sources | MLA | Agriculture | Research Paper |
  • Critical Analysis of Melian Dialogue
    Description: Public relations sector requires leaders with critical decision skills. Decisions made during negotiations between nations or regions should be conducted with the utmost seriousness and considerations. Such negotiations are necessary when there is peace negotiations or boundary disputes. A typical example of such circumstances is demonstrated in the Thucydides' Melian Dialogue in which leaders in Sparta and Athens were negotiating about surrendering in Sparta to Athens during the Peloponnesian War.
    1 pages | 324 words | 2 sources | APA | Accounting | Research Paper |
  • Importance of Evidence in Advancing Public Health Knowledge
    Description: Evidence based care is anchored on therapeutic interventions which are guided by research. Nurses can gather information from research, focus group studies, clinical trials, interviews, or observations. Also, the nurse can gather the patient's data from medical records. Thus, evidence based care improves public health knowledge because it facilitates informed diagnostic tests and treatment procedures.1 It ensures that unnecessary treatment procedures and equipment are eliminated, thereby reducing wastage. It is appropriate in the treatment of substance abuse because nurses can understand their client's history, suggest and implement the best intervention measures.
    2 pages | 652 words | 3 sources | Not Applicable | Healthcare | Research Paper |
  • Dancehall Music and Jamaican Culture
    Description: Jamaica is a world-famous country due to its unique culture of reggae music, which is deeply rooted in the African American traditions, which have been accumulated over time from the slavery period. Jamaican music has led to the spread of Rastafarian culture all over the world. Reggae music is known for its role in prominent themes in love unity, politics, racial discrimination, and discrimination. Reggae roots, calypso, and dub are the first forms of island music. However, Jamaican culture influence and globalization led to the development of dancehall music, which is a different version of reggae (Niaah, 2004). Dancehall music features quick and explosive beats accompanied by equally sharp vocals.
    4 pages | 1011 words | 5 sources | APA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Research Paper |
  • Reflection Practice Webography
    Description: Before enrolling for a teaching profession, knowing and understanding young children made me feel as it is a very challenging experience since children’s level of understanding is minimal. I was never exposed to elements that focus on the knowledge and understanding of the characteristics and needs of young children from birth to the 8th birthday. I had also not been exposed to elements that reflect on the knowledge and understanding of multiple influences on the learning and development of children as well as the elements of developmental knowledge for creating a supportive, respectful, healthy, and learning environment that challenges young children. I always believed that those who teach children new skills or learning, especially those below 5 years’ experience many challenges and sometimes have no success to celebrate. There are multiple inter-related areas I had to consider to understand and know more about child development. These include aesthetic, language, emotional, social, cognitive, and physical domains; learning processes, activity, and play; and motivations for learning (NAEYC, 2009).
    3 pages | 959 words | 2 sources | APA | Accounting | Research Paper |
  • Diversity in Workplaces
    Description: A typical structure of a corporation will consist of three subgroups in its board of management. They include the directors, the shareholders. Shareholders must invest and look for their investment return; the directors are to oversee the corporation’s daily affairs while protecting the interest of the shareholders. On the other hand, the officers are to carry out day to day company operations. The corporation's top-ranking officers are the Board of directors and are identified in the company’s by-laws or article of incorporation (Harvey & Allard, 2009). The main responsibility of directors is to direct the company’s affairs and the direction it should take (Noboa Velasco, 2019). They are legally entitled to manage all the employee's affairs, officers' affairs, and subsidiaries' and agents' actions.
    7 pages | 1918 words | 12 sources | APA | Human Resource Management | Research Paper |
  • Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) and Decarbonisation
    Description: Infrastructure Industry Innovation Partnership (i3P) has become a significant part of the construction industry in the United Kingdom. Notably, the UK has advanced construction industry thereby creating a necessity to help avert possible threats that come along with construction technology. The carbon in the built environment has become a critical problem in most parts of the world since it increases the risk of global warming. As such, i3P industry has a critical role in developing innovative technology to create low-carbon built environment and avert possible threats of global warming. Technological innovations and appropriate policies are required to promote decarbonisation in the construction industry.
    11 pages | 3388 words | 14 sources | Harvard | Architecture, Building and Planning | Research Paper |
  • Unemployment in the USA at a National Level
    Description: Technology, immigration, and population increase are the significant causes of unemployment in most parts of the world, especially in developed countries. Through technology, many organizations have automated work processes, thereby making a lot of people to lose jobs. For example, the introduction of internet and telecommunication made office messages to lose jobs. In banks, the submission of online and mobile banking has made several bankers be laid off. Immigration is another cause of unemployment in the US. The rate of immigration is higher than the rate of immigration, thereby making the country to have a high population of foreigners added to that of the natives. Unemployment in the United States of America is witnessed in a variety of national incidences.
    10 pages | 2516 words | 15 sources | APA | Economics | Research Paper |
  • Museums, Heritage and Cultural Tourism
    Description: Heritage tourism is grouped into three categories natural, cultural and built heritage. Natural involves things such as rivers, hills, and wildlife, artistic means music, art, festivals, and performances while build involves museums, monuments, and historic building. Heritage tourism has political, social, and economic implication for any government or country. On the social facet, heritage tourism allows people to interact and socialise, thereby facilitating multiculturalism and cultural tolerance. It also helps in informing the visitors and the citizens about the country's outstanding cultural values. On the economy, tourism attracts several visitors from various parts of the world. Such visitors usually spend a lot of money when buying goods and services in the areas where they are visiting. As a result, the increase in demand for products and services increase the number of businesses and jobs for the local population, which helps the government to reduce unemployment issues and increase revenue. In the US and UK, heritage tourism has been growing GDP significantly.
    11 pages | 3343 words | 12 sources | Harvard | Tourism | Research Paper |
  • Consumer Decision Making Process Analysis
    Description: Consumer decision making is a process that takes place in six stages, namely, need recognition, information research, evaluation of alternatives, purchase decision, purchase, and post-purchase evaluation (Ong et al. 2019). In this case, need recognition would occur when the customer realizes that they do not have a smartphone to help them execute daily routines such as business communication, studying, and connecting with friends and relatives. Such a problem would trigger a need to own a smartphone to help alleviate the problems associated with the lack of a smartphone.
    11 pages | 3233 words | 14 sources | APA | Marketing | Research Paper |
  • Juvenile Delinquency and Property Related Crimes in US
    Description: About 1.7 million cases per year or 4600 cases per day involving juvenile offenders are reported in the US (Lipsey et al. 2010). Property-related crimes involving youths include theft, burglary, vandalism theft, extortion, and arson are the most common juvenile crimes. Studies show that property crime is the most prevalent crime among youths that has been increasing rapidly since the 1980s (Lopez, 2008). Likewise, this crime was chosen because juveniles in the U.S are more likely to commit property-related crimes than adults. The increasing rate of juvenile crimes increases has a high possibility of increasing crime rates in the future because criminal behavior among the juvenile offenders gets transferred to their adult life if not resolved, prevented, or rehabilitated early enough.
    8 pages | 2271 words | 8 sources | APA | Criminal Justice | Research Paper |
  • Effects of Western Civilization on Nigerian Culture and Traditions
    Description: Long before colonization, western and non-western worlds were completely different. Both regions had different customs, values, traditions, and beliefs, which influenced how people behaved, did things, lived, or interacted with each other. There has been a tremendous influence of western cultures on non-western cultures since the colonization era when the two worlds started interacting. For instance, the invasion of Africa by colonialists and visitors from the west transformed its traditions and cultures significantly. Such cultural transformations are covered vividly in non-western literature (Ozun and Baskale 94). In his two novels, Things Fall Apart, and Chike’s School Days, Chinua Achebe demonstrates Western civilization's effects on Nigerian culture and traditions.
    11 pages | 3068 words | 10 sources | MLA | Literature | Research Paper |
  • Influence of Religion on Non-Western Literature and Culture
    Description: Religion is among the most powerful tools that control the way people behave, think, interact, and perceive the world. Religions such as Hinduism, Islam, Christianity, and Buddhism have a significant influence on the literature, politics, and culture of the non-western people. It shapes how society behaves as a whole and what is deemed right or wrong. Literary writers usually include religious themes to provide the reader with a broader picture of how it has influenced the people in society. The impact of religion on a community can be positive or negative depending on the nature of such a religion and the believer's rationality. Khaled Hosseini's story, The Kite Runner, and Shaimaa Al-Sabbagh's poem I am the Girl Banned from Christian Classes vividly demonstrate how religion has modified the philosophies of the non-western culture.
    9 pages | 2696 words | 8 sources | MLA | Literature | Research Paper |
  • Analysis of Gender Issues in the Context of Non-Western Literature
    Description: Gender is among the prominent themes covered in both western and non-western literature. Authors usually demonstrate their understanding of gender-based on personal experiences developed from the first things that happened to them, a relative, a close friend, or in the general society. Different societies, especially in the non-western world, have restrictive norms and traditions that confine women into positions that do not allow them to grow independent, assert themselves, or make decisions without caring about how the society will judge them. For example, Ama Ata Aidoo's Tow Sisters shows the influence of western culture and African culture on women in Ghana, while Pandita Ramabai’s The High Caste Hindu Woman explores the plight of Indian women and the relevant initiatives required to empower them. The Aidoo and Ramabai’s stories demonstrate two different societies where male characters manipulate and control females, make laws, and expect female characters to conform. Those who defy such norms are branded as bad women, while those who blindly conform to them are displayed as ideal ones.
    10 pages | 2919 words | 12 sources | MLA | Literature | Research Paper |
  • Hanging Baskets and Window Boxes Marketing Plan
    Description: Flower business in Ireland has significantly developed over the past 30 years. Hanging baskets and window boxes became essential tools for brightening cities in Ireland, especially. It started in Clonakilty town and later spread to other regions within Ireland. This became a lifestyle in other cities such as Kilkenny, Moynalty, Kenmare, among other Irish cities (McDonald, 2014). Flower market size in Ireland has also changed over the years because of changes in customer needs and preferences which has lead to change in the way they sell and supply flowers.
    15 pages | 3594 words | 15 sources | Harvard | Accounting | Research Paper |
  • Misidentification and Ethical Issues in Facial Recognition Technology
    Description: Biometrics in public places is among the contemporary technologies being implemented to monitor various issues in the society and mainly urban areas. Facial recognition technology is among the highly used biometrics in the UK, US and other countries. It is used by police to track criminals. Its usage has also expanded to commerce and education. The core purpose of this study is to identify the problems associated with it and make relevant recommendations. Studies show that facial recognition technology is undesirable because it; is inaccurate, violates privacy policies, causes surveillance blanket problems, deters democracy, lacks legal basis, and can be used to harass target individuals. The study objectives and questions sought to identify and provide an answer to ethical, legal, and technical issues regarding facial recognition technology, their implications, and what could be done to offset them. A desk-review research design will be used to search for relevant literature, analyze data, and present meaningful conclusions and recommendations. It was concluded that facial recognition is an important technology but the issues associated with it make it more undesirable. Thus, proper management and control strategies could be implemented to minimize its negative legal, ethical, and technical problems.
    7 pages | 1867 words | 15 sources | Not Applicable | Technology | Research Paper |
  • Background Information Regarding Covid-19 in Canada
    Description: By the end of April 2020, about 50,000 people had contracted the virus, and more than 3000 of them had succumbed to it in Canada (Beland et al., 2020). It resulted in a trade-off between health and employment. Most people chose to quit jobs, others were laid off, and a few others were lucky to work from home. The pandemic had negative economic consequences among the Canadians because containment strategies such as total lockdown, social distancing, and movement restrictions have negative implications on the Canadian economy due to mass loss of jobs and other sources of income (Lemieux et al. 2020).
    2 pages | 583 words | 7 sources | Not Applicable | Economics | Research Paper |
  • Strategic Management Research Journal Part 3 for Caterpillar
    Description: The sample essay is organized into several categories, which include the following; Caterpillar's Strategic Effectiveness, Organizational Structure Summary, Holacracy Organizational Structure, Why Caterpillar Leaders Should Study Business Environments, Caterpillar's Competitive Position, and Recommendations.
    2 pages | 785 words | 3 sources | APA | Marketing | Research Paper |
  • Caterpillar’s Strategic Research Management Journal Part 2
    Description: The paper is organized into various categories. The first part includes SWOT Analysis Matrix for Caterpillar. The second section has Caterpillar's Strengths, the third has weaknesses vs. threats. The last two parts include opportunities vs weaknesses and proposed solutions. I hope this sample paper will help you understand your assignment better and provide appropriate answers. responses.
    2 pages | 571 words | 2 sources | APA | Marketing | Research Paper |
  • Strategic Management Research Journal Part 4 for Caterpillar Company
    Description: The strategic management research journal part 4 for Caterpillar company captures the following areas; 1) Caterpillar's Short-term and Long-term Goals, 2) Mergers and Acquisition, 3) Most critical Merger/Acquisition, and 4) Effectiveness of Caterpillar's Operational Plan for Global Strategies.
    3 pages | 788 words | 5 sources | MLA | Marketing | Research Paper |