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  • Unethical Perspectives of Eating Meat
    Description: Meat has been part of many people's daily diet in the world. The culture of meat-eating results in the slaughtering of thousands of animals every day for meat production. In the United States, research shows that the average American consumes about fifty-five pounds of beef annually. The research is based on the 2019 USDA food availability data (Davis and Lin 2005). Despite the dietary use of meat, many studies have shown that meat is not an essential part of our diet. Additionally, many arguments have been raised on whether eating meat is ethical.
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  • Why is fake news prevalent and enduring?
    Description: The deception, which we characterize as any data that ends up being bogus, represents an unavoidable test for human perception and social collaboration since it is a result of how individuals habitually blunder also, of the time, lie. Be that as it may, this reality lacks to make sense of the ascent of falsehood, and its ensuing effect on memory and independent direction, as a significant challenge in the twenty-first century. Falsehood has been recognized as a supporter of different antagonistic occasions, going from decisions and referenda to political or strict persecution and the worldwide reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic.
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  • Housing Crisis on Prince Edward Island in Canada
    Description: Due to increase in population housing crisis is common in the major cities in the world. The shortage is caused by a lack of land to build more houses, inadequate finance, or the unwillingness of the government to support and remedy the situation. The housing crisis affects people of all ages but mostly those from the lower class majority. In Canada, especially in the Prince Edward Island, seniors are facing an acute shortage of housing which makes their lives more miserable.
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  • Causes of Religious/Christian Persecution
    Description: Christian persecution has been sharply rising, and Christians experience societal discrimination. Christian conditions are worse now than in early church days. Today 1 out of every 8 Christian live in a country where they face discrimination such as violence and arbitrary arrest. As a nation founded on religious freedom, Pakistani Christian daily life is challenging and dangerous due to the dramatic increase in radical Islam (Seiler, 2014). Unjustly Christians in the middle east are held captively because of their faith, most often under cruel conditions. However, there is no easy solution; it is essential to continue advocating for those facing persecution and punish the oppressors.
    2 pages | 450 words | 3 sources | APA | Religious Studies | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Explanation of Nespresso Business Model and Effectiveness
    Description: Nespresso refers to a competitive business model developed by a multinational coffee vending company. It is based on a machine and pod vending of coffee whose competitive advantage emanated from the method of creation of utility using unique and innovative ways. The Nestle company managed to outshine the rest of the companies in the food industry through innovativeness in the designing of an attractive product and the customer service system or process. The company incorporated several creative m\marketing methods to lure customers to their coffee brand. Nespresso business model had failed for several times and almost bankrupted the company as it was trying to fund the manufacturing and the installation of machines (Doorneweert, 2017). It shows that the competition expected in future lies solely on the services and activities surrounding the product but not the product itself.
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  • ABC Employee Empowerment
    Description: Training and development in an organization are crucial in empowering employees to be the best they can be in a work environment and at a personal level. There are various, concepts, vocabularies and terminologies used in the field of training and development of workers. On of such concepts include ‘growing their people.' In its primary sense, it refers to a situation where managers or a company empowers employees or stakeholders of such a company. The empowerment involves training, learning, guidance, or counseling which is meant on improving the personnel in the company. It ensures the company has a rich pool of human resources, skills, talents, and aptitudes.
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  • Internet Addiction Disorder Crisis
    Description: Ladies and Gentlemen, addiction disorders have become so prevalent in today’s society. The world has changed so much, and such changes have come along with positive and negative implications. For example, technological advancement has seen great invention and introduction of computers, internet, and other related technological facilities that have revolutionized the way people conduct businesses socialize through social networks, and learn in formal or informal institutions. Internet and computers have become an important part of human life in contemporary society to the extent that people spend most of their time online. The problem with it is that it results in addiction which affects the victims severely.
    4 pages | 1 words | 1032 sources | APA | IT, Web | Essay(Any Type) |
  • An Outline of Keynesian and Neoclassical Economics Views
    Description: In the last century, there has been a lot of economic crises which were caused by politics that were shaped by the first and second world wars. Also, it marked the period in which industries were established in many places within America. It necessitated the existence of critical thinkers to create theories in labor, business, and productivity to shape the global economy. Economists such as Adam Smith, Carl Marx, and Keynes tackled critical economic issues in the world. Keynes focused on the role of government expenditure on the welfare of the economy. Neoclassical economists such as Carl Marx and Adam Smith concentrated on the production methods and their implications on the economy. Economic theories were developed to solve economic slumps witnessed at the time. Keynes and neoclassical economics share some arguments but differ in others regarding the recovery of the US economy after the great recession.
    7 pages | 2017 words | 6 sources | APA | Economics | Essay(Any Type) |
  • An Outline of Keynes and Neoclassical Economics Views
    Description: In the last century, there has been a lot of economic crises which were caused by politics that were shaped by the first and second world wars. Also, it marked the period in which industries were established in many places within America. It necessitated the existence of critical thinkers to create theories in labor, business, and productivity to shape the global economy. Economists such as Adam Smith, Carl Marx, and Keynes tackled critical economic issues in the world. Keynes focused on the role of government expenditure on the welfare of the economy. Neoclassical economists such as Carl Marx and Adam Smith concentrated on the production methods and their implications on the economy. Economic theories were developed to solve economic slumps witnessed at the time. Keynes and neoclassical economics share some arguments but differ in others regarding the recovery of the US economy after the great recession.
    7 pages | 2017 words | 8 sources | APA | Economics | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Currency Value Differences, Profitability, and Forex Stabilization
    Description: Globalization has both positive and negative effects on businesses. The impact of business globalization is experienced in the area of currency value because various countries or economic blocs have different units of currency. Changes in the value of a country's currency in the forex market can be a disadvantage or an advantage depending on the nature of the business or political context. In this case, if we assume $1 is equivalent to €0.7809 in U.S and €0.7793 in France, it can benefit some forex traders. However, as much as the currency value of Euro is higher than the value of U.S dollar has a positive impact on some businesses it has some disadvantages on the other side that has to be remedied.
    2 pages | 609 words | 4 sources | APA | Business Studies | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Female Latin Social Status Dilemmas
    Description: In Latin America, Hispanic women find themselves stuck in cultural and empowerment dilemmas. The post-colonial society is focused on empowering women to get a good career, earn money, and become independent. According to Bejarano, Sylvia, and Celestine, the vast gender gap in Latin America, where women are perceived as housewives justifies the ensuing socioeconomic status (522). Cultural and political dilemmas face women empowerment, thereby stagnating their status regardless of the call for gender balance.
    1 pages | 346 words | 3 sources | MLA | Sociology | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Ways to Promote Equality and Diversity in Education
    Description: An effective education system should embrace diversity and equality to accommodate differences and equal access to education opportunities. According to The University of Edinburgh (2016), diversity refers to recognizing, respecting, tolerating, and appreciating people regardless of differences in religion, culture, gender, size, and disability whereas equality ensures that such groups are treated equally and fairly. Access to educational resources and opportunities should embrace equality and diversity through inclusion, multiculturalism, and appreciating of individual differences. As such, a variety of ways of promoting equality and diversity should be used to improve the access and quality of education by accepting differences among people.
    2 pages | 601 words | 4 sources | Harvard | Education | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The Link between Personality and Prejudice
    Description: Some people are more susceptible to prejudices than others, depending on their personality traits. Such prejudices can be explained through personality psychology and social psychology. Theoretically, some Ekehammar & Akrami (2003), argue that there is a considerable connection between personality and prejudices. They conducted research to measure the link between the Big Five Personality and prejudices using the NEO-PI. The scores of the NEO-PI tool used involved seven scales of prejudices such as sexism, racism, prejudice, and so on. The correlation of the data analysis confirmed that there was a relationship between agreeableness and openness to reality.
    3 pages | 900 words | 1 sources | MLA | Psychology | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The Revolutionary Constitution
    Description: Republic system of governance was chosen in America to create a representative leadership. The founders of democracy in the U.S have struggled since 1905 to create a republic system of governance. Bodenhamer says that the founders of democracy chose a republic system of leadership to create a system whereby all the followers in a state have a say in the administration. The republic system of governance is another version of the enchanted American Dream. According to the suppositions of Napoleon, who was a French populist leader, democracy has several shortcomings which lead to the development of the socio-economic status quo in society.
    2 pages | 607 words | 1 sources | MLA | Political Science | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Decision-Making Thought Process Examination
    Description: It is crucial to think critically when making a decision. Current decisions should not be made by making inferences on past decisions. The decision-maker should analyze the current situation to enable them to make choices which are aligned with the situation at hand. According to Hussung (2017), decision-making process comprises of seven stages, such as decision identification, information collection, determining alternatives, weighting evidence, making a choice, taking action, and reviewing the decision made. Last month, I was involved in a very critical decision-making process. I wanted to start a business, but I was torn between investing in AliExpress dropshipping or Uber business.
    2 pages | 593 words | 3 sources | APA | Management | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Levels of Autonomy in Management
    Description: Autonomy refers to the extent to which a job position provides independence and discretion to an employee to plan their work. Increase in autonomy in management increases job satisfaction and motivation to work. As such, autonomy in workplace benefits teams, managers, employees, and the company as well. However, organizations should avoid too much autonomy because it leads to a lack of supervision and communication. In recent times, several organizations have adopted teams’ autonomy to leverage their productivity. There are basically three levels of team autonomy in management which includes functional, cross-functional, and self-directed work teams.
    2 pages | 603 words | 3 sources | APA | Management | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Discussion Over Director’s Liability Related to Recent Risks
    Description: Directors liability become a common discussion topic in recent times due to technological and societal changes which have led to the emergence of new forms of risks. Internet and technology have contributed to the development of hazards such as data breaches, privacy issues, and selling practices harassment. For example, privacy issues on Facebook and other forms of online platforms are controlled by the organization in question. They might cause cyberbullying and cybercrime due to t privacy violation issue. Although the current risks are somehow different from the apparent risks, they all deserve to be given full attention. Therefore, there should be more discussion on such issues to identify and solve liability issues.
    2 pages | 628 words | 2 sources | APA | Management | Essay(Any Type) |
  • My Philosophical View on Education and Being a Teacher
    Description: In contemporary society, education is viewed as a tool for socio-economic elevation. Parents take their children to school to equip them with professional knowledge for a future career. They want them to become teachers, doctors, attorneys, architects, accountants, and so on. Interestingly, no educates their children or goes to school so that they can become critical thinkers, virtuous individuals, or good citizens. It should be noted that education should improve an individual's professional knowledge while at the same time developing critical thinking and virtue.
    2 pages | 650 words | 3 sources | APA | Education | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The Importance of Passwords
    Description: Passwords have become essential, especially in the world of information and technology. Businesses and groups are using passwords in their computers, databases, and online accounts or portals to control access of data. Consequently, the primary purpose of this essay is to enlighten my target audience about the significance of having a password. People and businesses require passwords to safeguard their data by ensuring that the information is only accessed by authorized personnel. Therefore, people have to embrace the importance of passwords and use strong passwords to prevent themselves from risks associated with data loss.
    3 pages | 936 words | 3 sources | APA | IT, Web | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The Role of Technology and Managing Sustainability
    Description: Technological advancement has positive and negative impacts on the management of businesses. The adoption of technology increases accuracy, speed, and effectiveness while at the same time, reducing costs. It is used in solving management issues such as work overload, supervision of hundreds of workers, marketing, planning, and production. In contemporary society, managers do not need to stay close to the workers to supervise them. With technology, they can manage their workers while away from them. The right technologies bring sustainable management through innovation and invention. They provide long term solutions to management issues, thereby improving business operations; however, they can be influenced by ethical concerns.
    3 pages | 977 words | 6 sources | APA | Technology | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Personal Ethical Values and Theoretical Framework
    Description: Human beings are supposed to engage in activities which contributes to the improvement of other human beings. It would be the best way of life because love and service to humanity facilitate overall happiness. In this regard, my core personal values include love, happiness, and service. St. Augustine stresses the role of love in building a secure connection with human beings and God. Likewise, Kant argues it proposes that duty-based ethics should include improvement of human life and morality. Mill also supports that actions and activities should lead to happiness but not pain. Therefore, this essay strives to explain why love, service, and happiness values are essential in my life. It will also explore the theoretical framework that defines the values as mentioned above.
    5 pages | 1399 words | 6 sources | APA | Ethics | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Advertisement and Society
    Description: Media has shaped the portrayal of women in ads. In the contemporary world, women and men are used differently in the adverts. Men are portrayed as subjects, while women are perceived as objects under the control of men. Women are subjected to striving to look beautiful and sexy enough to attract viewership of ads mostly by men. In most cases, women are sexualized in the ads through nudity or ritualization of subordination techniques. Gill noted that new advertisement revises, incorporates, depoliticizes, and attacks feminism concepts and themes (90). As can be seen in the Urban Decay Cosmetics’ ad about Pretty Difference and Global UD Citizens, women are sexualized and objectified. Ads usually reveal the gender and sexuality of both men and women in a particular society. However, feminist themes are the most prevalent in most adverts because women as portrayed as attractive sex toys for or objects for men.
    4 pages | 1203 words | 8 sources | MLA | Marketing | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Express Emergency Service Review
    Description: In my experience, Express Emergency Services (EES) is one of the companies in South Florida whose services do not meet the right standards. As such, this review is a warning to any homeowner wishing to subscribe to its services. Such would be a bloody mistake, and I do not want another person to commit the same mistake that I did. Our house got flooded at midnight, and my wife informed Moishe, the homeowner, about the mess. Moishe informed EES, and they came. Moishe was referred to us by a friend, and we were happy and more willing to hire them in our business. I took them around the building from ground to upstairs, showing them the areas that had been flooded.
    2 pages | 629 words | Not Applicable | Healthcare | Essay(Any Type) |
  • Socio-cultural attitudes in the vampire
    Description: Movie monsters comprise of macabre and grotesque creatures that are cast in films to evoke horror while at the same time building the major thematic issues in the movie. Such monsters include animals, ogres, vampires, fairies, and other beasts. However, vampires are the most famous movie monsters because of their frequent apparition in several popular films and the role they play. They are a blood-sucking creature that co-exists with human beings. Only Lovers Left Alive is a vampire film that controversially portrays socio-cultural themes such as death and taboo in the American society.
    2 pages | 647 words | 4 sources | MLA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Essay(Any Type) |
  • How Epidemiology Will Be a Part of My Nursing Practice
    Description: Epidemiology is a medical program that is concerned with studying and describing infection and treatment. Nurses should equip themselves with epidemiological knowledge to enable them to understand the causes of diseases and the best control methods (Mayhall, 2012). As a nurse, epidemiology will be part of my nursing practice that would focus on identifying and limiting risk factors for various types of infections.
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