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Essays are separated into four types: exposition, argument, narration and description. Each essay type serves its own unique purpose. To better understand each essay type, see our academic essays examples and learn how to write a powerful essay by following an essay example from the extensive list of samples provided.
  • Mapping the Action in Othello
    Description: The tragedy's climax occurs in Act III Scene 3, when Othello decides to exact revenge on Desdemona and Cassio. Othello's climax is characterised by jealously and a desire for vengeance. Othello is one of the most emotionally charged and dramatic characters in the play. As a result, most of Shakespeare's stories revolve on him, as does the climax.
    2 pages | 595 words | MLA | Shakespeare | Creative Writing |
  • The History of Gun Legislation in the United States and its Influence on Liberty
    Description: Gun control advocates argue that this outdated amendment should be repealed because it is a threat to public safety and allows criminals to arm themselves. Opponents of gun control believe that gun-related crime is exaggerated and that guns are necessary for self-defense purposes. The issue has led to many heated debates in recent years, and both sides remain adamant in their beliefs. The issue of gun rights and regulations has caused much controversy in the United States over the years. Gun legislation has evolved in different directions depending on the political, historical, cultural, and social context of each era.
    6 pages | 1863 words | 2 sources | MLA | Law | Creative Writing |
  • A Response to Kitchen Fixture
    Description: The speaker, in the Kitchen Fixture, tells of a story while he was at work in a hotel. From the start, the author seems to derive pleasure when serving his customers. His satisfaction comes from his diligence in sending good food to those who have ordered it without hesitation (219). The joy of the in customer service delivery makes his nights and those of colleagues to move very quickly. Night shifts seem to take less time than they take. His expertise enables him to interact with managers' instructions while at the same time being busy serving the customers. The familiarity ion the work environment and product knowledge make him serve customers quickly with the dishes they order because he already knows how every food looks like even before preparing or serving it. Cooking and serving customers is the only meaningful activity that can make him take a break from writing.
    3 pages | 933 words | 2 sources | MLA | Literature | Creative Writing |
  • Analogue Synthesis in Music Production
    Description: Music production has a long history since the 1960s. Analog music synthesis has evolved greatly over time to become what it is today. The climax of its sound synthesis emerged around the late 1970s when electrical music became so elaborate. Analog audio devices are used to process music signal to create a warm sound or virtual analog stereo. It became popular due to the excellent sound produced through the subtractive synthesis process. It eliminates unwanted overtones in an audio signal using voltage variation. The technique was used in music production before the entry of computers and micro-computers.
    2 pages | 663 words | 2 sources | MLA | Music | Creative Writing |
  • A Response to Liberty Leading People Image and Discussion
    Description: Portraits, painting, sculptures, and other forms of images are worth a thousand words. They are comprehensive, detailed, emotive, and the most essential of all- communicative. A picture summarizes an event and action that can be summarized in more than fifty pages of a text. They are important art of preserving memories, history, and moments most conveniently and compactly. Consequently, ancient images by oil painters document the history of the concerned cultures and the events captured in such pictures. The oil painting named Liberty Leading the People painted in 1830 by Eugène Delacroix captures a war incident during the French Revolution during the 1800s.
    1 pages | 367 words | 1 sources | APA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Creative Writing |
  • Sample Cover Letter
    Description: I would fervently wish to work at Flipp Corporation as a Customer Experience Representative. Therefore, I am enthusiastically writing this letter to apply for the internship position in as Customer Experience associate. I believe that your company is competitive enough and it would offer me an excellent opportunity to learn to advance my customer management skills.
    1 pages | 326 words | Not Applicable | Marketing | Creative Writing |
  • Wu's post personally attacked me.
    Description: I fully agree with you, Asha, that Wu's post personally attacked me. Wu exposes how I often interweave my easy using ‘bullshit, flowery overgeneralization,' which can be replaced using a single thesaurus vocabulary. Most of my essays and term papers are written using redundant phrases, which Wu describes as bullshit. I have to noted that most of my essays have structural flaws due to utterly unnatural topic sentences. Like Asha, I feel that Wu is attacking my writing tactic when he says that misleading and irrelevant personal anecdotes do interfere with the structure and meaning of the text.
    1 pages | 320 words | 1 sources | MLA | Literature | Creative Writing |
  • Would it be cheating to say I felt personally attacked by Wu’s entire paper?
    Description: “...bullshit, flowery overgeneralization...”, was a heavy hitter, mostly because it’s applicable to both my writing and my general speaking habits. I am constantly doing this. “...contemplative question? Definitive refutation paraphrased from a blog found at 2 AM”, “Hence, statement violating every principle of syllogism followed by unnecessary semi-colon; forgettable punch line” and “Last sentence, which consumed approximately 95% of the total mental effort dedicated—still reads clunky” were also a gut punch.
    2 pages | 501 words | MLA | Linguistics | Creative Writing |
  • Leadership Self-Assessment and Reflection
    Description: Leadership is a cycle of failures and success. Most leaders learn from failures they commit throughout their leadership careers. In the beginning, amateur leaders usually get frustrated because they lack proper leadership skills. Later, they reflect on their leadership and notice a couple of flaws, which has always made them fail in managing tasks and people. As such, in this essay, I will reflect on my leadership Journey using Gibbs’s reflective cycle. At first, people tend to avoid leadership; however, when they are introduced to leadership through delegation of duties and mentorship, they learn by themselves and discover what works better and what does not work.
    6 pages | 1521 words | APA | Leadership Studies | Creative Writing |
  • Future Big Telescope: James Webb Space Telescope
    Description: After Hubble Observatory, James Webb Space Telescope is the next big thing that has been introduced by NASA for explicit space exploration. The telescope has been fully assembled. It is the next space observatory telescope, which will be launched in 2021 March to orbit around the solar system (Amos, 2019). Successful assembling of James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) can be attributed to the commitment of thousands of individuals who have been planning and designing the JWST for the last two decades. Significant stakeholders in the development of JWST include Northrop Grumman, the Canadian Space Agency, the European Space Agency, Academic and Industrial partners affiliated to NASA (Wall, 2019). The telescope uses sophisticated infrared cameras and mirrors capable of viewing objects within and outside the solar system.
    2 pages | 662 words | 4 sources | APA | Astronomy(and other space sciences) | Creative Writing |
  • Reporting on the City of Pompeii
    Description: Even today, the city of Pompeii remains a mystery and an alluring archeological site. About 2000 years ago, the town was buried at about eighteen feet below the ground by the eruption of Mt. Vesuvius in Italy. Volcanic eruptions occurred, thereby producing ash and pumice which buried city dwellers and their property in 79AD. It was a great shock to the city dwellers who survived the lethal ordeal. More than 2100 people lost their lives, and several others were displaced from the region.
    2 pages | 650 words | 4 sources | MLA | History | Creative Writing |
  • Ethical Issues in Archeology
    Description: The excavation and reconstruction of the Palace of Knossos on Crete by Sir Arthur Evans raises major ethical issues. Ancient structures, essential for the preservation of culture and history, must not lose their identity and character. However, Sir Evans transformed the palace. His addition of corniced walls, balustrade-lined bright passages, and lurid paintings misguides the visitors into believing that the palace was built in the late Bronze Age instead of the actual period of early Stone Age.
    1 pages | 306 words | MLA | Ethics | Creative Writing |
  • Jukebox Musical Project
    Description: Modern orchestras such as the Hello Yello Band which developed in Oakland and has revolutionized the Afropunk in contemporary American society. Hello Yello is a great and creative band built on brotherhood, talent, passion, and friendship. It is made up of three artists, namely; Dylan, who plays vocals, Jaden, who is Dylan’s younger brother, plays vocals, and Martin, their friend who plays drums. Dylan, aged twenty-two years, is the eldest in the trio while Martin and Jaden are both twenty years old. The band's versatility, flair, energy, and commitment has led to the production of a melodious song such as Feel That Again, Maybe, Sins, Without Me, and I Don’t Care which forms a five-song album known as Love Wins.
    3 pages | 719 words | 5 sources | MLA | Art(Fine Arts, Performing Arts) | Creative Writing |
  • Technology and transformation of urban places and cities
    Description: Technology has dramatically transformed the appearance, the operations, and the nature of cities all the world. Typically, an industrial town can be defined in four perspectives, namely; a Built City, Employment City, Consumption City, and Employee City. Usually, industrial cities are marked by a variety of buildings ranging from single-storey buildings to skyscrapers. Also, cities are characterized by businesses and shops where people go to buy goods and services for consumption. Likewise, a city is an area where employment opportunities are available in bulk.
    2 pages | 638 words | APA | Architecture, Building and Planning | Creative Writing |
  • Corporate Social Responsibility for Nestle Research Proposal Outline
    Description: Nestle is considered as one of the largest companies in the food and processing industry. This company is known for its production of processed foods that are organic and also nutritional to its consumers (Nestlé, 2014).
    1 pages | 473 words | 4 sources | APA | Business Studies | Creative Writing |
  • Ethical Issues in Palm Oil Case Study
    Description: Production of Palm Oil is experiencing multiple ethical issues regardless of the earlier promises by palm oil companies to comply with corporate social responsibility to act ethically. Unethical issues such as land grabbing and violation of human rights are associated with the farming of palm oil trees. However, deforestation is the most pressing ethical issue affecting the production of palm oil. Destruction of natural habitat for animals and human beings through deforestation has created severe ethical challenges in producing environmentally sustainable palm products. Such environmental issues have attracted international attention, especially from environmentalists who want to compel Palm Oil to comply with sustainable production techniques.
    3 pages | 874 words | 2 sources | APA | Ethics | Creative Writing |
  • APA Style Reference List and Citation Style
    Description:  Question 1 APA style reference list: Click the below weblinks and write APA style reference list. (a) (b) (c)
    1 pages | 204 words | 3 sources | APA | Other(enter below) | Creative Writing |
  • The Case of Killer Robots and Ethical Dilemmas
    Description: Killer robots are machines that are programmed and automated through AI so that they can participate in a war just like a normal human being. Such machines can operate with or without humans; however, the level of autonomy dependents on the type of robot. Firstly, less autonomous robots comprise Human-in-the-Loop Weapons, which can only operate through human commands. Secondly, moderately autonomous robots consist of Human-on-the-Loop Weapons, which can select and attack with supervision from a human operator who has more control over the actions of the robot. Thirdly, fully autonomous robots include Human –out-of-the-Loop Weapons, which can operate without any input from the human operators. The autonomy level is determined by the degree of human intervention in operation.
    6 pages | 1725 words | 1 sources | MLA | Ethics | Creative Writing |
  • Ethical Issues in Nike’s Sweatshops Business in Hansae
    Description: Sweatshops refer to a workshop that has employed manual workers, especially in the clothing industry. In sweatshops, manual laborers work for long hours with less pay. For example, Nike's branches based in Asia conforms to sweatshops because workers are paid less than the hourly rate in the USA economy. Wong (2013) noted that although hourly wage rates in the U.S. is $7.25 workers in Vietnam, and other Asian regions earn less even though they work in deplorable conditions.
    2 pages | 497 words | 3 sources | APA | Human Resource Management | Creative Writing |
  • Global Energy, Sustainability and Environmental Conservation
    Description: Renewable energy production is a global policy that is essential in global energy production and environmental protection. Thus, my strategy focuses on the development of a renewable source of energy that would help reduce the overconsumption of fossil fuels and wood products. As such, it strives to empower biofuel energy production as a critical strategy for reducing global warming. This project provides biodiesel at specific filling stations to provide energy for industrial divisions such as mining, government agencies, and the transport sector. It conserves the environment because it converts waste products into biodiesel and electric energy.
    1 pages | 343 words | MLA | Environmental Studies and Forestry | Creative Writing |
  • Does Physical Exercise Prevent Covid-19?
    Description: Studies show that there is no cure for Covid-19 but it can be managed appropriately through physical exercise regardless of the need for social distancing. According to a study conducted by Dr. Zhen Yan from the University of Virginia School of Medicine, physical exercise leads to the production of useful substances such as antioxidants which provide a defense to body cells from being harmed by toxic molecules such as free radicals. Specifically, Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase (EcSOD) is necessary for the prevention of negative respiratory and cardiovascular complications, especially in people with kidney failure, lung problems, ischemic heart problems.
    1 pages | 399 words | Not Applicable | Nursing | Creative Writing |
  • SpaceX Case Study by Elon Musk
    Description: The paper describes the growth and development of Space X, step by step, from scratch to what it is today. In April 2018, SpaceX was valued at $27.5 billion, making it one of the most valuable privately-held companies in the world. In just 16 years since its founding, the company had developed revolutionary space vehicle technology, including the world’s first reusable orbital-class rocket (the Falcon 9) and the world’s most powerful rocket (the Falcon Heavy). Perhaps even more remarkable, the company offered commercial space launches at a price dramatically lower than that offered by its leading competitors. It was estimated that by 2018 SpaceX had already seized over 60% of the global market share for commercial space launches...
    16 pages | 4157 words | MLA | Business Studies | Creative Writing |
  • My Thoughts on FSD Pharma Inc.
    Description: FSD Pharma company was established in 1994 in Canada, and it grows cannabis to extract ultra-micronized PEA, which is known to cure inflammation. The company has invested in research and development programs to find how the compound can be used to treat multiple diseases that cause inflammation of body tissues or cells. It was authorized by the FDA to investigate if ultra-micronized could be used to cure Covid-19 since it causes inflammation of respiratory tissues and membranes. This approval by the FDA increased the company's stock (shares) demand by about 131%. The company has a strong management team and Board of Directors with extensive knowledge and experience in the growth of medical cannabis and the development of medicines through clinical trials and research. As part of protecting its intellectual property, the company sought a patent to safeguard another company from growing cannabis for medical purposes. It also obtained a license under the Canadian Cannabis Act to grow cannabis in Canada. The company had about 25,000 square feet of land where cannabis was grown under intense care to avoid compromising the quality of the cannabis. Currently, the FSD stock price per share is $1.34 in Nov 2020. On average, the company made a profit of $193 088 in 2019, while in 2020, it managed to generate $260000 sales by November. It has also accumulated total assets equivalent to $70 million by 2020 November 2020. The company made a surprisingly high return of 670% ($7.7million) after selling its 12% share invested for two years in Canada. Notably, the company is competitive enough and has secured enough ground and protection rights to promote its business's sustainability. FSD can become a global brand within the next five years if it maintains the same performance, innovation, management, strategic partnership, and planning. Potential investors should take this company as a gold mine.
    12 pages | 3134 words | Not Applicable | Marketing | Creative Writing |
  • Locate the vision statement of an organization of your choice and explain the vision statement's importance
    Description: Locate the vision statement of an organization of your choice and explain the vision statement's importance. Does it seem relevant in today's environment, or is it outdated? Explain your reasoning. What improvements would you recommend for the vision statement? Volkswagen's vision statement is one of the best visions I have come across. This vision statement goes like, "We are globally leading provider of sustainable mobility." Even though this vision statement does not go deeper in detail in the future discussion, its evaluation may bring relevancy in the protection of the environment
    1 pages | 221 words | Not Applicable | Management | Creative Writing |
  • Sex tourism among women in the Caribbean
    Description: Tourism is an important economic activity because it creates employment, facilitates infrastructural development, and foreign exchange. It contributes to more than 70% of the national revenue in various countries within the Caribbean. The Caribbean government majored in tourism as the primary source of national income in the 1960s to diversify the national economy and take part in the global economy. Besides, the government services and pleasures, tourism in the Caribbean offer sexual services to visitors as an informal package that supports numerous women in the region. The commodification of sex and women, the existence of economic hardships, hyper-sexualization of the Caribbean women play a significant role in promoting sex tourism in the region.
    4 pages | 1100 words | 4 sources | Chicago/Turban | History | Creative Writing |