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  • Brooklyn Brewery Business Case Study
    Description: Brooklyn company managed by Robin Ottaway and Eric has been proliferating between 1987 to 2014. It was recently ranked as the ninth largest beer company in US 2014. However, market changes have come along with multiple issues emanating from the competition in the craft beer market. Craft beer companies such as MillerCoors and Anheuser-Busch InBev stormed in the market selling their craft beer or acquiring the emerging beer companies. Also, the craft beer business has continued to attract new companies consistently who provide unique versions of fresh beers with a variety of flavors.
    3 pages | 873 words | 3 sources | APA | Marketing | Case Study |
  • Mattel’s Market Research and Organization Culture Change
    Description: In the world where society, technology, and culture are always changing, companies are supposed to research about the market demands and align it with their products. It is the best strategy to remain relevant in every market for long. Ignoring changes in the market and society is a sign of failure because customer consumption behavior and needs usually change over time. Therefore, in order to survive for long in an industry, it is good to research what the customers want in a particular product. For instance, Mattel learned the need for conducting intelligent market research when its Barbie doll lost relevance in the market. Such failure of Mattel triggered an organizational change which improved customer orientation and corporate culture.
    2 pages | 710 words | 3 sources | APA | Management | Case Study |
  • Robatelli’s Pizzeria Data Breach Risks
    Description: In recent years, hackers have been stealing information from a company's database then they use it to withdraw the money from the company bank account, customers account, or sell the data to competitors. The main objective of this case study is to find out how Robatteli’s Pizzeria can effectively use Information Technology management strategies to safeguard the company and customer data from getting into unauthorized hands. It enhances the effective and efficient operation of the business enterprise due to data protection. The key areas where IT is used include the safeguarding and protection of tangible and intangible properties, controlling sales and purchases. Therefore, IT is an asset that controls and monitors other assets and resources in a business. It is recommendable that the management team should ensure that the Information Technology System is well managed to boost the company’s performance (Van Grembergen, 2004). Rotelli's Pizzeria should adopt better use of Information Technology to assess and avoid possible risks in the present and future related to a data breach.
    8 pages | 2024 words | 5 sources | APA | IT, Web | Case Study |
  • Effects of Macroeconomic Environment on Apple Inc. Company’s Economic Activity
    Description: Apple Inc. is an international technology company that deals with designing, developing and selling of online services, computer Software and consumer electronics (Yoffie & Rossano, 2012). The company’s main office is in United States of America in a city called Cupertino based in California. The company was started by Ronald Wayne, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak in April 1976 aiming to developing and selling Apple I personal computer a product by Steve Wozniak. After 4 years, in 1980 the company went public and achieved its instant success.
    10 pages | 3174 words | 14 sources | APA | Economics | Case Study |
  • Mental Health Supported Housing Project for Midlands Healthcare Ltd
    Description: Resources are very important when it comes to effectiveness of the company employees, management and the general company growth. Absence of or insufficient resources within a company slows growth of the company and may make some employees become demotivated due to lack of good salaries, time to rest, being overworked and also lack of team work and support from the management (Pynes and Lombardi, 2011). It is important that a company find ways to secure resources to run the company. Resources are used to fund and allocate tasks to the company projects and employees respectively (Osberghaus and Reif, 2010). The company should plan on the available resources, identify sources of resources such as the government institution and understand the requirement for accessing those resources.
    15 pages | 3919 words | 28 sources | Harvard | Nursing | Case Study |
  • Modification of the New Toyota Corolla into a Sustainable Consumer Product
    Description: Whether a company is developing a new product or modifying the existing one, an understanding of consumer behaviour patterns is paramount. The patterns will help in the interpretation of consumer data and converting them into useful insight to predict customers’ choices in the future (Takeuchi, 2009). The collection and analysis of consumer data help marketers with knowledge of where they should focus their time and effort to give an extraordinary experience to their customers (Zeng, Dasgupta and Weinberg, 2013). This paper investigates and evaluates consumer behaviour patterns and uses those insights to predict their future choices to purchase the New Generation Toyota Corolla depending on their preferences.
    7 pages | 2042 words | 23 sources | Harvard | Marketing | Case Study |
  • How a Corporate Leader Influences the Practice of Good Governance and Social Responsibility in a Company (A case study of Coca-Cola Company)
    Description: Good governance refers to the means applied to measure how companies represent themselves in public and how they manage public resources as accepted. It is also, the sustainability in the use of the natural resources and safeguarding of the environment (Jones & Comfort, 2018). Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is a business self-regulating model aimed at making a company socially acceptable and accountable to the public, to itself, and its stakeholders. The practice of CSR helps the company to assess its impacts on people's social lives, their economic status, and their environment. This paper recognizes the roles of a corporate leader in the practices of CSR and good governance within the organization.
    6 pages | 1817 words | 15 sources | APA | Leadership Studies | Case Study |
  • Cardiovascular Disease Case Study for Mr Dury
    Description: The client is a male named Mr Ian Dury and lives in South Australia where cardiovascular disease prevalence among people over 18 years was around 1 in 9 as of 2018. He is 58 years old and lost his wife 18 months ago to cervical cancer. His medical history includes obesity, hypertension, Coronary Artery bypass for over 5 years, he currently smokes, suffers Anterior myocardial infarction for over 6 years. Mr Dury suffers Type 2 diabetes mellitus, Chronic Kidney disease stage 3b, and suffers hypercholesterolaemia, and takes EtOH 50grams daily. His medication history includes GTN spray as needed, Hydrochlorothiazide (25mg daily), Atorvastatin (80mg daily), Atenolol (100mg bd), Hydrochlorothiazide (25mg daily), Losartan (50mg daily) and Aspirin (300mg daily). After clinical examination, Mr Dury's urine output has dropped from 1200ml to 450ml within 24 hours after 48 hours of the coronary angiogram, which was to diagnose coronary artery disease. His kidney blood test shows a rise in creatinine and a fall in eGFR, and he is diagnosed with worsening CKD as a result of contrast used for the coronary angiogram.
    10 pages | 2888 words | 22 sources | Harvard | Nursing | Case Study |
  • Tesla Electric Cars and Celebrity Marketing in the UK
    Description: As a marketing manager for Tesla Motors, UK, I have developed a detailed report regarding how the company will revive its sales amidst the crisis of low sales in the market. Regardless of the need to save the environment from the pollution that can cause global warming, people in Britain are not buying electric cars. It can be attributed to poor marketing strategies employed by automotive companies. The report has outlined the target market for the company based on demographic, geographic, and psychological tenets of market. The company targets both male and females aged between 30-45 years. It targets middles and high-class people in Britain. Also, it targets rural and urban customers in Scotland, England, and Ireland. Based on the psychological aspect of the customers, the company targets switchers, hardcore loyals, and softcore loyals. Celebrity advertisement campaign will use Christiano Ronaldo because of his popularity and personality. Internet advertisement through social media platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and Snap Chat would be the best strategy to reach people. It will be supplemented using digital advertisement, televisions, and billboards. The campaign will run for 180 days (6 months) at a budget of $70 million.
    10 pages | 2849 words | 10 sources | Harvard | Marketing | Case Study |
  • Strategic Management of Nestle Company
    Description: The research question of this study is whether Nestle strategically prepared to handle the coming changes after the COVID-19 epidemic and how this disease has disrupted the business operations in the food production industry? This research question will cover various aspects of the company’s strategic management that includes their internal and external business operations.
    1 pages | 402 words | 5 sources | MLA | Accounting | Case Study |
  • Iceland e-Business Case Study Report
    Description: The case study seeks to prepare a report on how Iceland Foods can sell new food products to its online customers. The new food products are developed in the category of Slimming World where the principal target is people who want to cut weight for beauty reasons, public and personal image, and fear of diseases such as cancer and epilepsy. The brand for the new products under the slimming world is known as Keto Diet. The market for such foods is large enough; however, it is shared among the competitors such as Amazon, Waitrose, fitness centers, Sunbury's, Walmart, and several others. E-business is an excellent strategy to market the Keto Diet. Significant risks in the market include privacy issues, food safety issues, and privacy issues. The company will incur a variety of costs in the production, marketing, and distribution of Slimming foods through online channels. As such, it must select appropriate pricing strategies such as competitive pricing, value-based, return on costs, lead generation model, and cost-plus pricing to ensure that such expenses are well catered. The company has to adopt e-business models such as e-tailer, market creator, portal model, content provider, and service provider to help it market its products appropriately to the target customers online and distribute the products to customers’ homes or convenient places.
    10 pages | 2904 words | 11 sources | Harvard | Marketing | Case Study |
  • Analysis of OB Issues at BFGym Case Study
    Description: BFGym is located in Birmingham city, making it more accessible by customers. The number of customers has increased from 200 to about 540 within the last five years. There are about 50 workers at the gym with different personalities. The lack of motivation can be attributed to their varied personality traits, expectations, and bureaucratic control at the gym. Therefore, the BFGym should focus on aligning its motivation strategies with the personal characteristics of its employees to satisfy them. Also, it should concentrate on modulating its bureaucracy to ensure that it does not affect the morale of the workers.
    5 pages | 1380 words | 6 sources | Harvard | Management | Case Study |
  • Idea Rebel Company; Benefits of Paperless Communication
    Description: Paperless communication has several benefits. First, paperless communication improves document organization. Second, it is fast and cheap. Third, information can be stored easily through recording and automatic backups. Finally, it promotes data security due to firewalls and privacy protection.
    2 pages | 426 words | 2 sources | APA | IT, Web | Case Study |
  • The Increasing Rate of Homelessness in the USA
    Description: America is among the countries with the highest rate of homelessness in the world. It is ever-increasing due to the aging population, poverty, immigration, and other demographic issues. Homelessness can be examined in dimensions such as age, gender, race, and geographical location. It is a controversial topic, and more research is needed to identify the causes, actual statistics, possible justification and solution for the problem. According to the National Alliance to End Homelessness (2019), about 17 people in every 10, 000 people are experiencing homelessness. It is a large population having in mind that the national population in the US is more than 300 million. In 2018, the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development did an assessment and reported that the number of homeless people in the United States by then was 553,000. This number accounts for about 0.17% of the total population, and this was seen as a reduction from the previous years’ 553,742 people experiencing homelessness (United States Interagency Council on Homelessness, 2019).
    6 pages | 1630 words | 9 sources | APA | Social Work and Human Services | Case Study |
  • Amazon Inc. Financial Statement Analysis
    Description: Amazon is a giant company in the stock market. However, the information derived from its financial statements indicates a few issues. For example, the current ratio is relatively small, less than 1.2 indicating that the company has less resources that cannot cater to short term liabilities. The net receivables' value is also relatively lower than net payables, indicating that vendors and suppliers owe the company much money than it owes customers and debtors. The income statement indicates that the company receives a relatively higher revenue from sales than previous years. Unfortunately, the company's higher overhead costs reduce net profits to a much lower value compared to gross profit. However, the equity-debt ratio was lower, indicating that the company hardly relies on borrowed finances but the stakeholders' capital. Cash flow records also show that the company is gradually improving.
    6 pages | 1454 words | 7 sources | APA | Accounting | Case Study |
  • Convery University London’s Cause-related Marketing Strategy
    Description: Cause-related marketing (CRM) strategy focuses on promoting customer engagement that helps establish brand loyalty and trust. As a result, Coventry University (for profit) strives to marked itself by partnering with Mental Health Foundations (not-for-profit) to market its online courses. Additionally, Instagram seems to be the most appropriate social media marketing tool to execute Coventry University London’s cause-related marketing for its online courses.
    4 pages | 1095 words | 5 sources | APA | Accounting | Case Study |
  • Why did Nokia Smartphone Fail?
    Description: Launching a new product in a competitive market is very challenging. It is crucial to conduct product research to gain relevant insights regarding the level of competition, consumer needs, the size of the market, trends, and other factors that are more likely to affect the business. Market research enables organizations to know their brand popularity and the customer satisfaction rate to ensure that the products are tailored well enough to meet the consumers' needs. However, some big companies usually fail because they ignore market research since the brand is already established. For instance, Nokia has failed terribly in the new age of smartphones due to the failure to conduct market research. It can be argued that the failure of Nokia Smartphones can be attributed to the failure to understand the market and consumer needs.
    9 pages | 2459 words | 17 sources | APA | Marketing | Case Study |
  • Legal Aspect of Business Structures in Ireland
    Description: One must think about the structure of their business before establishing a business premise or company. Business structures chosen are greatly influenced by factors such as financial resources available, management freedom required, the number of interested owners, legal and ethical compliance needs. All such requirements remain the same except the legal compliance factor which changes according to a country's nature of business regulations and other control processes. For instance, sole proprietorship laws in Ireland might differ from other similar laws in other countries. Therefore, it is crucial to understand laws governing business such as sole proprietorship.
    5 pages | 1334 words | 3 sources | APA | Business Studies | Case Study |
  • Critical Evaluation of Warren Buffett’s Leadership Style
    Description: Warren Buffett, the founder and CEO of Berkshire Hathaway, was born in 1930 to his father (Howard) and mother (Leila). This is a true actualisation of his dreams since he started showing entrepreneurship skills when he was young. As a kid, Buffett would sell magazines, chewing gum, and Coca Cola, and from door-to-door. He purchased a pinball machine while in elementary school and put it in a barber store (Fanachill, 2020). Later, he opened several pinball stores using the profit made from the initial pinball machine. In college, he used to sell golf balls, deliver new papers, and sell stamps which made him save about US $90,000 by the time he was graduating. He chose to work as an apprentice at Graham Partnerships and was later hired as a paid employee. Buffett was significantly influenced and inspired by his mentor, Graham Benjamin, who taught him how to invest effectively (Pennsylvania State University, 2013).
    8 pages | 2247 words | 12 sources | Harvard | Leadership Studies | Case Study |
  • Space X: Leadership in Innovation Case Study
    Description: Elon Musk's primary objective for establishing the Space X company was to create space vehicles (rockets) to make it easy to take human beings to Mars. As such, Space X company was not out to make money but to provide "Space Experience" by making flights to Mars cheaper than they used to be to make it easy for people to go there frequently (Jones, 2019). Musk also refused to convert the company to a public corporation since he was scared that it would deviate from its core course of taking people to Mars and revert to making profit only. As such, the company remained private, and he assumed the CEO role in the company to control its activities and ensure that it meets its core goal.
    2 pages | 702 words | 2 sources | MLA | Accounting | Case Study |
  • Marketing Plan for BMW Motorrad
    Description: The BMW Group has a wide product variety ranging from cars to luxury motorcycles. However, most people know more about the BMW cars but none to very little about the motorcycles regardless of the company being one of the top high-end motorcycle manufacturers. The subdivision of the BMW Group that makes motorcycles is known as BMW Motorrad. It is responsible for designing, developing, manufacturing, and marketing its products independent of the large BMW Group (Barreiros, & de Mira, 2015). The BMW Motorrad has a reputation for designing and manufacturing excellent luxury motorcycles by fusing current technology and futuristic ones. Its operations are inspired by the brand motto that reads, "Make Life A Ride," which has inspired the production of scooters and motorcycles in excellent form and function to provide unmatched fun to the user/rider (George, 2020). The company seeks to leverage the autonomous, connected, electric and shared (ACES) technology in its products to actualize its brand motto. However, this can only be successful with an excellent marketing strategy that enables the company to sustain the existing markets and penetrate the new ones.
    10 pages | 2747 words | 14 sources | MLA | Marketing | Case Study |