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  • The project quality management plan
    Description: Project Quality Management plan ensures that the quality of the project is not compromised. It helps in the setting of strategies and guidelines that check the quality of the project throughout its lifespan to ensure that there is no deviation that can lead to decrease in the quality of the project because it can result to low performance. The purpose of the QMP is to ensure that the requirements of the project are fulfilled.
    1 pages | 386 words | 1 sources | APA | Management | Article Review |
  • Communication Tact and Strategies
    Description: Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Today I would like to speak about how to speak my, or for that matter your, mind tactfully. Rhetorical experts say that speaking tactfully is not as easy as speaking ones’ mind. In simpler words, it is easy to have something to say but how to say it is the most important and challenging thing. Tactful speaking is critical because it gives a person some guideline to say what he or she wants to say without offending another person, people, or embarrassing or putting oneself into trouble. Therefore, diplomatic communication is enhanced by good timing, thinking preceded by speaking, appropriate body language, the right choice of words, and emotional control.
    2 pages | 406 words | 1 sources | MLA | Communications | Article Review |
  • Personal Account on Multitasking
    Description: According to Spink, Cole, & Waller (2008), multitasking behavior in human beings is cognitive theoretical concepts that explain the capability of people to engage in a variety of activities simultaneously. It is a function of brain and memory which help coordinate such activities. Interestingly, the evolution in technology has increased the ability of people to multitask. Communication processes and devices both at home and workplaces has contributed to multitasking behavior. Digital devices such as laptops, tablets, computers, mobile phones, and desktops have increased the multitasking capability in the current generation.
    2 pages | 419 words | 1 sources | APA | Technology | Article Review |
  • Rhetorical Analysis of Children in Trouble Precis
    Description: Greenberg (2019), opens his precis with a pathos which meant to appeal to the reader and communicate the overall theme of the text. The author employs the AGECAP strategy through his strategic use of pathos. For example, the arguer introduces the reader to the child crises by writing that headlines are marked with "grim news of child separations and suffering." The line evokes the reader's emotion and develops a sense of urgency. As such, the precis communicates its purpose to the reader that children are suffering in the U.S. and other parts of the world and therefore, intervention should be taken to remedy the crisis.
    1 pages | 376 words | 1 sources | MLA | Social Work and Human Services | Article Review |
  • Classroom Readiness for Successful Inclusion
    Description: Kwon, Jong, & Jeon (2017) use planned behavior theory to explain the process which can be used to develop positive attitudes of including disabled children in the classroom. It is a theory that is focused primarily on shaping the perspective of teachers and peer learners to accept children with disabilities. This theory is anchored on understanding disable children, thereby making it easy to establish a good relationship with them. As such, Kwon, Jong, and Jeon suggest that teachers should act as role models to influence learners to accept disabled students. Teachers' attitudes and behaviors are what mostly shape the Attitudes of the learners.
    4 pages | 1208 words | 1 sources | APA | Education | Article Review |
  • What Should the Future Education Look Like?
    Description: Education systems in the United States have faced a lot of transformations within the past nine centuries. Some of such changes have worked while others have not worked. They have always strived to create an effective education system that develops relevant competencies. Tienken, & Orlich (2013), make four proposals, such as localization, quality assessment, funding of education, and creation of an environment where there is equal distribution of wealth. Such strategies are useful for designing a proper education system suitable for the future needs of individuals and various states.
    5 pages | 1427 words | 1 sources | MLA | Education | Article Review |
  • Discussion Posts on Deming-Based Lean Six Sigma Management
    Description: After reading the article by Gitlow & Gitlow, (2013), compares Deming-based lean six sigma management and the objective oriented management in an attempt to solve the problem of increasing hospital bills in a majority of urban hospitals. Likewise, De Lama et al (2013), argues that Demi-based lean six sigma tools can be used to improve internal processes in a hospital. Gitlow & Gitlow (2013) show that, the traditional management is based on Deming process variation, which works better when focused on the right direction. It is good because it produces more revenue than the target costs. However, the process is harmful if it does not focus on the desired direction. Such would bring less income and more target costs.
    2 pages | 512 words | 3 sources | APA | Management | Article Review |
  • Critical Analysis of Limitations of Financial Reporting
    Description: Financial statements are significant sources of information for business or company which help managers and investors to make a decision. The information provided helps the company to position itself in the market by leveraging the weaknesses and boosting the strength while making inferences on the financial capacity of the company. Managers make impactful investment decisions using the information derived from the financial statements. Accounting estimates can differ due to inflation, nature of the asset, analyst involved, and time (Sacer, Malis, and Pavic, 2016, 405). As such, financial limitations can lead to subjective judgments especially when accounting estimates, revenues or expense deteriorating, and intangible surge issues emerge.
    6 pages | 1628 words | 14 sources | Harvard | Finance | Article Review |
  • Analysis of the Hannes Schwandt’s Article “Pregnancy During the Pandemic by Hannes”
    Description: The pandemic had various impacts on different groups of people. Its impact could be described in terms of health, economic, and the strain it impacted on the national government and families. Hannes Schwandt wrote the article "Pregnancy during the Pandemic" to explore the pandemic's consequences on pregnant women and their children. The author also tries to develop a close comparison between Covid-19 and the Spanish flue of 1918-1919. Nevertheless, this report provides a critical analysis of the author’s arguments and assumptions, attempts to assess the credibility of these assumptions and arguments, and then provide possible assessment approaches that could be used on the same.
    8 pages | 2400 words | 8 sources | Harvard | Nursing | Article Review |