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  • What are the advantages of electric cars over gasoline cars?
    Description: With the rise in the need to conserve the environment by reducing greenhouse gases emissions their glass has been an increase in the number of electric cars. The increase in the number of the electric cars in the most parts of the world has been increasing due to their effectiveness, automation, and their ability to cover a long distance within a very short period. Electric cars are the new generation of cars based on the source of power. However, the primary reason which has contributed to the increase in the demand for electric cars is the need to use a clean source of energy to prevent climatic change that might be caused by increased emission of carbon dioxide. They are gradually replacing the gasoline cars. Most of the electric cars use a renewable source of energy to provide power which makes such cars crisscross long distance faster due to their high-speed strength.
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  • Fallacies of Not Wearing Seatbelts
    Description: It is fallacious to avoid wearing a belt when a person is going for a short distance. At times, collisions can occur when the driver or the passage is three meters close to their destination. At times, severe car collisions and crashes can happen when a vehicle is stationary or is driving at low speeds, even under 40km/h. It is good to ensure that seatbelts are on regardless of the distance to be traveled, or the driving speed.
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  • Does rational behaviour lead to the social optimum?
    Description: Rationality of consumer behaviour is among the most discussed concepts in behavioural economics. It strives to understand the driver behind consumer purchase decision to develop better marketing decisions. However, it has bee controversial because the rationality of consumer behaviour is influenced by a variety of factors; thus, it is not constant. Rational behaviour involves making decisions which are based on evidence, reason, facts, and other things which are arrived at through inquiry, analysis, and weighing available options. Human beings, however, are subject to manipulation by various factors either based on personal, social, or political interests. Therefore, rational behaviour does not always lead to social is inconsistent and biased.
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  • Having a Good Degree Is Not Enough in This Day and Age to Get a Good Job
    Description: A college education is usually linked to the career path of an individual. As such, people go to colleges to get degrees and diplomas to improve their academic and professional competence to enhance their employability. However, due to change in time, technology means of production, and the societal structure, some people still get good jobs without college degrees. Therefore, a college degree is essential in allowing a person to get a good job, though not in all circumstances, especially in contemporary society.
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  • Facebook and Chinese Investors in the USA
    Description: Facebook and other tech companies from the USA were banned from China since 2009. The socio-political rivalry between the two superpowers made China block major US techs companies such as Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook. The Chinese government developed the 'Great Firewall, ' which wiped out almost all US technology-related companies. In turn, US blacklisted Chinese tech companies such as Huawei from operating in America (Leskin, 2019). This war has put Chinese international students, travelers, and travelers in critical problems while in the USA. It beats logic how an international student in the USA can refuse to use Google simply because it was banned in his or her mother country. Controversially, the ban on Facebook usage in China has created more confusion among its citizens living in America. Claim: Should Chinese entrepreneurs in the USA be allowed to use Facebook for Social Media Marketing?
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  • Scientific-Based Research and Research Based Research
    Description: Scientific research comprises studies that are systematically planned before being performed to ensure that the process is appropriate enough to generate valid and reliable outcomes. A basis in scientific research means that something or concept has been discovered or studied through scientific research. Scientific-based research (SBR) differs from research-based research (RBS) because data is collected through empirical observation, scientific experiments, clinical trials, social experiments (Çaparlar, & Dönmez, 2016). On the other hand, in research-based research data is obtained in pre-existing research findings. Generally, scientific research findings provide primary data for reference in research-based research as secondary data.
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  • How Athenian Democracy Work
    Description: The city-state of Athens was governed through a revolutionary democratic governments since 400BCled by different generals. Democratic institutions within the state served the interests of the authoritarian rulers before this period. However, it developed significantly, thereby making Athens an autonomous, prosperous, aggressive, and democratic state that gave its citizens more freedom than just the right to vote. Athens had no specific representative legislative body that ruled people. Notably, various people made a significant contribution to the development of the Athenian democracy, where people ruled themselves by debating and voting on both small and big matters. Athenian democracy is characterized by various rulers and wars who strived to ensure that the city-state attained internal and external sovereignty.
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