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  • Has the Internet Destroyed Privacy?
    Description: The advent of internet in the world have changed a lot of things including the way people communicate, advertise, work, or conduct business. The Internet has been gradually revolutionizing industry and the society since 1990s. Today, people, organizations, and businesses are more connected all over the world than before. Information can be send or received anywhere in the world within less than a minute through internet. Introduction of Twitter, YouTube, Facebook, E-mail, Websites, Instagram have changed the way people share information about themselves, others, business, or products. Internet has become a necessity in the current world. However, it has come with some challenges regarding privacy protection. Leakage of personal or confidential information over the internet when it is being transferred from one IoT device to another can expose people, businesses, organizations to risks.
    5 pages | 1495 words | 6 sources | MLA | IT, Web | Annotated Bibliography |
  • Annotated Webography for Cognitive Development
    Description: Learning involves testing hypotheses based on probabilities. Children acquire knowledge through observation, play, and explicit classroom collaborations. Comprehensive analysis of a child’s cognitive development creates a strong foundation for learning. Moreover, the recent advancement in children's cognitive development provides support for organized ideologies in early childhood education for successful educational outcomes. Accordingly, analyzing Webography for children's cognitive development enhances their development and learning. The outcome will be achieved by understanding children’s characteristics and needs, and factors impacting on their early development and learning. Also, the paper will critically analyze developmental knowledge for creating an adequate learning environment for young people.
    15 pages | 3945 words | 15 sources | APA | IT, Web | Annotated Bibliography |
  • Cultural Attitudes Toward Weight, Diet, and Physical Activity Among Overweight African American Girls
    Description: A startling discovery is made by the researchers in which they determine that weight and body size preferences are mainly selected by those in the friend group rather than those outside the friend group. Another discovery was that the choice of meal eaten depended on factors such as taste and texture rather than nutritional value. The sample size was rather small, with only 12 participants. This reduces the generalizability of the experiment. The validity is high in terms of all the participants being females and overweight, but it is lowered as all of them come from the same hospital-based pediatric diabetes screening and prevention program. A strength in this is that the researchers used interviews in which they could get more extensive answers and details in understanding who influences the attitudes towards weight.
    2 pages | 606 words | 5 sources | Not Applicable | Nutrition/Dietary | Annotated Bibliography |
  • Working from Home: Has the Pandemic Forever Changed How Will Work?
    Description: The study involved a survey conducted among 5000 adult workers in 2020, which showed that 35.2% were working from home by May and only 8.2% by February. It was also discovered that high-income, highly educated, and white individuals were more likely to work from home and still maintain their employment amidst the pandemic. The data was used to make projections that a majority of US employees (71.7%) that can work from home did so by May.
    4 pages | 1073 words | 6 sources | MLA | Economics | Annotated Bibliography |
  • Politics 101
    Description: test 101
    4 pages | 2400 words | 8 sources | Harvard | Communications | Annotated Bibliography |