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Latest Cheap Essay Samples For Sale

  • Business as Al-Amanah and the Responsibilities of Islamic Business Managers
    Description: Islam is a comprehensive guideline that encompasses all aspects of human existence and serves as a guide for all human actions, including economic and business activity. In Islam, the concept of business entails the concept of income, earnings, and material possessions, all of which are God's property, and humans are only His trustees.
    15 pages | 4520 words | 10 sources | APA | Business Studies | Term Paper |
  • Ray Sunshine Case Study 2 Questions
    Description: Case Study #2 Questions: Ray F. Sunshine 1. Taking a typical day’s diet, does Ray fall short, meet or exceed his daily energy needs? Is Ray at a good weight for his height? Why or why not? Ray exceeds his daily energy needs. He eats a lot of foodstuffs mostly junk foods and fatty foods which are not good for his health. Ray’s weight is too high hence is not good for his height. In the measurement of ideal weight, body frame size is another factor that has an important impact. 2. How many grams of fibre is recommended per day for good health? Does Ray's diet have enough fiber? Ray's diet does not have enough fiber. The fiber in his diet reads nineteen. He rarely eats fruits and grains in his daily diet as recorded. Keeping the digestive system healthy is the role of fiber. Since he is a man he requires to take a lot of foods with enough fiber. For good health, a man should take thirty to thirty-eight grams of fiber.
    3 pages | 875 words | 3 sources | MLA | Nutrition/Dietary | Coursework |
  • Mapping the Action in Othello
    Description: The tragedy's climax occurs in Act III Scene 3, when Othello decides to exact revenge on Desdemona and Cassio. Othello's climax is characterised by jealously and a desire for vengeance. Othello is one of the most emotionally charged and dramatic characters in the play. As a result, most of Shakespeare's stories revolve on him, as does the climax.
    2 pages | 595 words | MLA | Shakespeare | Creative Writing |
  • Unethical Perspectives of Eating Meat
    Description: Meat has been part of many people's daily diet in the world. The culture of meat-eating results in the slaughtering of thousands of animals every day for meat production. In the United States, research shows that the average American consumes about fifty-five pounds of beef annually. The research is based on the 2019 USDA food availability data (Davis and Lin 2005). Despite the dietary use of meat, many studies have shown that meat is not an essential part of our diet. Additionally, many arguments have been raised on whether eating meat is ethical.
    6 pages | 1822 words | 3 sources | APA | Ethics | Essay(Any Type) |
  • The History of Gun Legislation in the United States and its Influence on Liberty
    Description: Gun control advocates argue that this outdated amendment should be repealed because it is a threat to public safety and allows criminals to arm themselves. Opponents of gun control believe that gun-related crime is exaggerated and that guns are necessary for self-defense purposes. The issue has led to many heated debates in recent years, and both sides remain adamant in their beliefs. The issue of gun rights and regulations has caused much controversy in the United States over the years. Gun legislation has evolved in different directions depending on the political, historical, cultural, and social context of each era.
    6 pages | 1863 words | 2 sources | MLA | Law | Creative Writing |

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